Adventures in unemployment

 very terrible picture of my end of brainstorming conclusion

Hmm, not really quite sure whether to class this as an adventure or a misadventure.
This year I have gone through my fair share of jobs. I’m aware that it’s fairly outrageous to have had more than two jobs in a year that’s for sure but let me be real with you for a second. While these jobs were all good solid jobs – they weren’t what I was looking for and some times vice versa. I wont go into the hairy details (you gotta leave your past behind ya!) but I had a lot of free time to myself.  Now, I know this was a full on stupid situation to get myself into and it HAS been a very stressful time but what I have learnt from my unemployed ‘experience’ is paramount to my current sanity.

Applying for jobs is not a full time job
You heard me. There is only a certain amount of time in a day you can allocate to job hunting. Yes, you can press refresh on the job search website a million times but you will be driven insane and I’d say most agencies and employers don’t operate on a first in first served basis. As far as I’m concerned – once in the morning and once in the late afternoon should cover you well. Know where to look (i.e some agencies deal purely with creatives and some with a bit of everything) and make sure you’re applying for literally every job that you fit into.
Summary: Have a 9 – 5 daily schedule. It’s the rhythm of most jobs and will make it easier to transition when you’re re-entering the employment world.

Spend wisely
I know you’re probably SUPER excited about your massive holiday pay but before you spend it figure out your break even, times it by 8-10 (potential unemployed weeks) then pay for your rent and bills in advance. Right now, my love, you will live only off the smell of an oily rag. I know, I know it’s hard when you’re bored and you finally have all this free time up your sleeve but….seriously, how well is that $200 dress going to serve you when you’re so far behind on a rent a bottle of Bernadino won’t even be in your budget?
This is the most important part that needs to be sorted. I hope you’re not as dumb as me in terms of quitting your job before getting another but sometimes it doesn’t quite work out like that.
Summary – your break even is how much your rent is + how much your bills are + hire purchases ETC. I’d also advise you to do a big grocery shop – things like  extra shampoo, conditioner, washing powder and deodorant are good to have on stand by because in reality, if you’ve got $40 in your account and you need to go grocery shopping those are some very expensive things to add to your bill.

Spend wisely pt 2
After resigning from a very stressful, time consuming job I was literally being the BIGGEST bum around. I had found my inner hippie and I was 90% sure that given my previous job hunting luck that the stars would align and my dream role would be at my feet in no time. Reality is, I spent a lot of days in my pajamas doing absolutely nothing. I personally think the easiest way to do it is to plan a three day weekend. Four days of full-ish time of figuring your life out ‘work’ is more than enough. Which leads to my next tip….
Summary – the average human only needs 8 hours of sleep per day….

Make a SOLID list of things you need to do
I’m talking about re-doing your CV, big wardrobe purge, or catching  up with people.
We do get busy and things stack up pretty quickly. How often do you find yourself relaxing after a busy day thinking ‘Shit, I should really do x,y,z but there is no energy left!!!’ In my world there is a never ending list of things I want to do or get out the way – this is your time superstar.
Summary – you’ll go insane if you do nothing. Make a plan so you don’t become a total waster. There must be some brain cells up there so USE THEM!

Find out what you can get 
WINZ should be your last port of call. We are, of course, very lucky to live in a country where we can go on things like the benefit but keep in mind things like the stand period etc. You can’t just quit your job then go straight into it (well, I’m sure there is special circumstances somewhere along the way….) but it’s the general rule. Give them a call, check out your options and see what they can do for you. Remember – it is not a LOT of money (I think it’s like $220 off the minimum wage) + potentially getting other supplements and what not.
Summary – WINZ is not your mac daddy. No more fancy cheeses for you!

Take a good hard look at yourself
For whatever reason you left your job – it’s important to know there are two sides of it all. At the beginning of the week I did a MASSIVE strengths and weaknesses list. To keep my ego and self esteem in check I went one for one on strengths and weaknesses. This is a time where you can be honest, cut the bullshit, figure out where all your strengths lie and how to remedy your faults the next time you go job hunting. It’s always important to make sure that you remind yourself that you are only human and you aren’t going to be perfect in every instance.
Summary – do you really think you could do another job like the one you just did? What are you best at? Are the things you didn’t enjoy at your last job things you’re going to experience at a new job?

Weekly Love


Once again this year, I quit my job. I’m currently in the midst of looking for job number four which I’m sure will be a little more of a uhhh challenge. Regardless, I’ve been pretty productive with mytime and have been enjoying eating dinner at a reasonable hour. There is of course that fear that comes with massive life game changers which I learnt to handle better through watching Gabrielle Bernstein’s Wanderlust talk and vlogs. I’m always down with learning about conquering fear and anxiety and this was a next level experience. Treat yo’ self.

Little things: apple + strawberry + orange juice; making bad ass batches of mac n cheese; the smoked salmon ciabatta at L’affarre; Serial (and Rabia’s blog); epic apartment cleans; JPs mama who is the SWEETEST!; the crisp wintery Summer we’re having; late night frappacinos; Gabrielle Bernstein; face timing my mama; and good nights sleep.

Weekly Love


It’s funny coz I go to write these but I’m thankful for the same things each week. I’ve definitely become a lot more grateful towards people through writing these. To be honest, 90% of the time I’m just happy that I have a roof over my head, good people, food and a fairly stable internet connection.

I guess for the most part I’m specifically appreciative of my boyfriend, JP. While I napped today he spent hours working on my CV and did numerous other sweet things for me. I’m not fond of people gushing on social media about how great their lover is but man, this guy is the

Little things – Serial; tidying my room; Big Cat Derek / walk around the compound; kumara vermicelli; redoing my quote wall; being forever inquisitive aka nosey; getting sun; new clothes and shoes; sleeping; making friends with bikers at bars; voicing shit more freely; searching for new role models; and the fact that my BFF is getting a Griffon verrrry shortly!

Weekly Love

After trying and trying to write on Thursdays it just wasn’t happening. After a long day at work I just want to eat and watch big cat videos on YouTube. I really miss having an outlet to express my gratitude coz lately, I’ve been all over the place.

I had a really productive weekend with JP and it was so good to spend some quality time together after his travels. We went for a drive, had an epic steak meal at Gasworks then finished the night off with fireworks and milkshakes. It was nice to wake up and spend all morning in bed then head off to the markets. I baked some epic chocolate chip muffins then we went for a drive out to Island Bay. I finished off my weekend with a couple of not very thrilling but forever entertaining Criminal Minds and some epic lamb, halloumi and capsicum kebabs.

Little things: puffer jackets (don’t get me started); my work mates/our work environment; getting organised; wearing lipstick; lots of cats and dogs (shout out to Sampson the leonberger); long sleeps; Facetiming my ma; Walk Around the Compound webcasts; short workdays; drinking boatloads of water; buying new make up; Taylor Swift – 1989; my best friend getting us personalised friendship bracelets; having long chats with said BFF about our year and drink surprisingly moreish red cask wine; brainstorming and sore exercise-y body.

Weekly Love pt ?


Every week I try and catch Thursdays at least to write. It’s usually the same night JP stays coz he plays squash and it corresponds well with the time I get home. This week I invited him to stay a day earlier and instead of swiping past the WordPress app I decided to write (but fell asleep in the middle of writing and then didn’t end up publishing #yolo)

The past wee while has been a delight. This year has been a mixed bag but the past few months have been surrounded by charming sales gentlemen who mostly dress well enough for our office to resemble a very obscure version of Mad Men. So here’s to the past couple of months which have (OMG) been a financial nightmare and a half but do worth it for the crazy things I’ve learnt.

Little things: JP making me dinner; flat mate banter; getting out of the city; nourishing breakfasts; the boizz I work with; helpful and speedy call centre workers; Gilmore Girls marathons; saunas; work raucousness; personal development; laid back mornings; lighter evenings; doing a whole lot of nothing much; panadol rapid (tastes like lemonade); sleeping through the night, my sister who finds everything I say hilarious and celebrating 6 months with my boyfriend.



I’ve been crazy busy over the last few months. It’s been a weird year all round to be fair and my time is always limited. I’ve recently started a new job and my boss is very big on goals. He told us he didn’t hire a guy coz he didn’t have a five year plan. As harsh as it sounds and as hard as if may be to come up with several goals over 5 years – coz let’s face it at a younger age everything is a whole load of ‘what is going on?!’ It’s still important to look ahead, yknow?

Over lunch today I said to my boyfriend ‘what are your goals for the week?’ as smart as he is he wasn’t super motivated to answer. I rattled off a list of a few things he talks about and we sat down and told each other what we wanted to achieve. I’m busy 12+ hours Monday to Saturday so my goals were small.

This week I want to: keep my room clean everyday; wake up every day and exercise before work; not eat McDonalds aka be prepared so I don’t eat junk and not drink.

Make Monday – Spicy tomato soup


The other day I was feeling very under the weather and all I wanted was a nice hot bowl of soup. My mum used to make this flavourless vegetable soup when we were younger which was amazing when you were unwell but not great on the taste buds otherwise. I wanted to pack as many vegetables while keeping a smooth consistency so I kept it pretty simple. It is spicy but if you can handle roti chenai you’ll probably be fine otherwise, just use half a teaspoon of chilli. If you’re sick the extra heat is great for clearing out your sinuses!

I reckon if you took away a can of tomatoes it would make a great sauce or purée but if your like your soup to have a more watery consistency then add another can of tomatoes.

1 medium onion diced
1 heaped tsp of minced garlic
2 zucchini diced
2 carrots diced
1 red pepper roughly chopped
3 x 400g chopped tin tomatoes
A good tablespoon and a bit of olive oil
1 heaped teaspoon of tumeric
1 heaped teaspoon of ground chilli powder

Chop all your ingredients as above and do the onions last (less awkward chopping while you’re crying) Heat the oil in the pan and add your vegetables. Sauté on a low heat as you want your vegetables to be nearly cooked. A good indicator is when your carrots are al dente. Add in your spices and stir until they’re fragrant and covering the vegetables. Add your tomatoes and turn up the heat until it’s boiling. Simmer until tomatoes have reduced but still leaving enough to purée. Add it to your food processor or blender in parts for ultimate smoothness. Serve with warmed bread or something that can give your mouth a break from the heat ;).