Weekly Love

After spending the better half of the week sick as a dog I am officially on the mend. Sinus infections are the bane of my existence so I’m thankful to see the back of it. I had a really cool doctor which made the whole appointment so much better. Instead of offering me nicotine substitutes (which are the absolute worst) he reminded me of the financial side. He told me that every time I got paid it would be better if I put my cigarette money in my savings because the tobacco company is taking my money which is funding their livelihood not mine which is a reality I’m been ignorant of. JP and I got cigarettes from duty free as a thank you for taking care of Mya and aside from Friday night I’ve been a very, very good girl. There is an unopened pack in my hand bag. Lets see how long this lasts!

As soon as I heard on the radio that Queen Bey had a secretive snippet on her instagram  I knew it had to be a new album and what do you know! It has been on rotation since I bought it and it’s the first album since Tyler, The Creator released Wolf that I’ve listened to from start to finish and loved every single song. I used to be on the edge of my seat every time an artist released something new so unless it’s widely publicised I wouldn’t have a damn clue.

Eating healthier has been on our cards for a really long time. We stop and start all the time and damn it makes life hard. I’m not going to lie – I really do not like how I’ve stopped taking care of myself.  For the past two years we’ve eaten terribly and nothing really changes for long. On Tuesday last week I sat at the computer for two or so hours coming up with a new menu so we’ll eat better and it has started off okay. Last night I made us double cheese burgers (the patties were very slim), swiss cheese with portobello mushrooms as the buns. A portobello mushroom cap has 22 calories whereas a whole burger bun can go up to 200 calories. Simple swaps + mushrooms are delicious.

Game of Thrones
I’m so very late to the party but damn, it’s good. One of my work mates has just started watching it as well so it’s nice to have someone to watch it with and not have it spoiled.


Weekly Love

Piri and I took our first nice photo together when she visited last week. Surprise, we were drunk as usual and a screenshot was necessary.

After the previous two Fridays of heavy drinking I was so super happy to have a sober weekend. Well, I had a couple of beers but not like ‘I’m going out for a couple of beers’ then come home four hours later borderline comatose. I started feeling pretty ill on Thursday and the house we are house sitting got colder than I expected so I’ve more or less been wrapped up in bed dying for the past couple of days on a diet of takeaways (bad) and painkillers. I’m about to get super specific on my gratitude coz I am ready for some change!

Getting my hair cut / getting a really good hair cut
It took me four years to get a hair cut. Four! My old hair dresser moved to Sydney and I have trust issues when it comes to getting my long hair trimmed. One day I was chatting to a customer, found out she’s a hair dresser then six months (?) and $90 later I trusted her in tidying my hair up. I love having long hair but unfortunately I had let it get a bit ratty and as said hair dresser said ‘It’s just sort of hanging there’. Also – how great is washing and drying your hair post cut? So healthy, so much easier to dry and so worth spending the money on.

I do this all the time but more often so closer to my birthday which is pretty close. This year I’ll be 26 which is sort of scary but not really. I guess it’s easier to judge your life and success based on your peers life and success but right now all I care about are the four goals I tacked to my wall in January. They are my base and all the other things can sit on the shelf for a bit. House, pets, moving in together and potential children can just hold fire for another few years. It’s easy to feel like a failure when Kylie Jenner has her own make up line but YO a bit of elbow grease and a positive mind can help you get to a better place.

House sitting
I get asked ALL THE TIME when JP and I are moving in together. The answer is – most likely when we can put a deposit on a house. We live together Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and hang out most of Sunday. It is, however, nice to live together full time and the massive plus side it that we have a fucking DOG to look after. Not just any dog but a damn husky (who is in love with JP)

Facebook memories
I know this is a strange thing to be grateful for but man, (sometimes) I love looking back on who I was and what I did. I had a memory this morning that was with a girl I was once friends with and she had shared an out fit she liked. It made me feel really good coz I realised how much I have grown as a person since then but then made me realise what a gluttonous pig I’ve become ha ha.

My friends
I’ll tell you one thing – I don’t have a lot of friends BUT the ones I am incredibly close to (well two out of three) and talk to pretty much every second or third day live in Australia and the other just moved home. I’m so flippin’ grateful to have people in my life that make me laugh so hard I can’t even handle it. I’m just so fucking happy I have these girls.

Little things: HEAT PUMPS; pain killers; epic sleeps; baths; waking up oddly early feeling super energised; ASOS; dogs; my red sparkly nails; feeling a lot more confident in my abilities; sorting out my finances; Game of Thrones; home made chicken soup; trawling ASOS for bargains like the old day; falling asleep to This American Life, Modern Love and TED talks; and this ongoing sunshine (but I would like some rain please)


Weekly Love

Unfortunately, my iPhone went ‘kaput!’ the other day so the pictures I wanted to share are currently unaccessable. Sad face.

This week has been okay. I went to the funeral of a good friends best friend and it was a really lovely service and they talked about things. They talked about depression, how the mental health sector needs more love and the man he was before his depression hit. It was nice to see faces of people I remember when I was younger at my sisters house parties. The situation is beyond awful but knowing he is at peace is comforting. I talk about depression sometimes but I really want to make it a conversation. I’d rather combat the fact that it’s such a taboo subject.

After months of admiring my work mates nails I finally got my first shellac experience. It was quick, my nails look amazing and it was only $28.00 which is fantastic. I’ve been looking at my nails like ‘You really need to be fixed’ for some time now so it felt good to get it done. They’re pink, shimmery and they make me feel very happy.

I went to the library the other day, paid my fine and got pretty much the same books as I got out last year. David Sedaris is so damn funny and his books are really fun to read. I spent about an hour just wondering around and looking at different books and enjoyed being in my own company.

When I was 17 I bought my first Marbig journal and I’ve been writing in them ever since. I finished my last journal right before Christmas and hadn’t got around to getting a new one. I love writing and aside from on here I never do it much. It’s bright yellow and I’m looking forward to it.

This weekend is a lazy one and I can’t wait to eat something that isn’t take aways! I’m ready to shed the weight I’ve put on because being out of shape makes me hella miserable. There is nothing worse than trying on clothes and having nothing at all fit or looking really fucking frumpy in things that would usually look well fitted.

Weekly Love

imageHappy Easter! I’m so glad I took four days off over this time. I can’t tell you how damn good having a rest after a pretty shitty week is. I’ve slept so much and spent days doing absolutely nothing which is what I’ve needed. It’s nice to have that time to regroup and think about life rather than be go, go, go!! All the damn time. I’m looking especially forward to getting my hair and nails done this week! I made friends with a customer not long ago and I’ve learnt to trust her enough with my hair so fingers crossed it will happen this week. I’ve got so much planned in my head and I’m looking forward to making it a reality!

Little things: JPs mum who is an angel; seeing my other parents; facetiming my mum; sorting out my credit card repayment; having 5 days away from home; getting time off for a funeral; Danielle Laporte; being around animals; getting productive; tidying my wardrobe; podcasts;  the feeling of something amazing being around the corner; JP being JP and giving me good advice; quality time with my BFF; flannelette sheets; colder nights; planning out meals; Cool Cat Group + Cool Dog Group; and clean sheets.

Weekly Love


Happy Autumn! I’m very glad to have some cooler weather.I miss having sheets over me and having it cool enough to snuggle at night. I’ve always favoured the cooler weather so I’m stoked to have it here.  I’ve completely fallen off the gratitude wagon and I’m feeling it. This past week I’ve had two (pretty sure they’re alcohol induced) panic attacks. Which is fucking weird for me because despite being depressed it never goes beyond a certain point. The only thing I could really link together is that I had got very drunk at the Death Cab for Cutie concert on Saturday and one Tuesday night I had a beer with dinner. It could not be but I’ve wanted to stop drinking for a long time because one of the main goals I have is to be happier and being happier means being more productive. ANYWAY – aside from those shitty and scary moments this week hasn’t been too bad. On Wednesday morning pre panic attack I bought new jeans and that evening (after sleeping all afternoon) I went to Jhene Aiko with my best friend which was amazing. We went to Death Cab on Saturday and spending this extra time together is awesome. We used to go to gigs nearly every Friday and its so nice to bond over music – something that is important for both of us. I’m so grateful that I have her there to really get my life and this year I’m pretty sure we’re celebrating 13 or 14 years of friendship!! This week I am so much more grateful for my beautiful best friend who makes me laugh more than anyone I know.

Little things: nachos in bed; NASHVILLE!; stretchy jeans for my overgrowing body; seeing people I just adore on the street; morning coffee; fighting through the worst; This American Life before bed; listening to my brain and my body; having money to spare; the email sign ups I get from the stranger who has my same name and keeps botching up the sign up to her accounts; Danielle LaPorte; cheap mangoes; working through the kinks; Undisclosed; waking up early; falling asleep listening to podcasts; Facetiming mum and the cats; finding the perfect set of drawers; relaxing morning routine; productivity; working out my debt and figuring out when I can be debt free; 2 for 1 dinners; updating my wardrobe; and making weekly lists.

Weekly Love


This week has been so damn hot and for once I’m all about it. I usually hate summer coz it’s usually when my depression strikes hot and I’m so pale that I burn in an instant. On Monday I just sat on the beach too chicken to get up and not willing to risk my phone being stolen. On Tuesday and Wednesday after work I left the house without my phone and stayed in the water until my skin went wrinkly and today until I started getting tired. The most liberating this was donning my bikini on and walking around carelessly and enjoying my own company. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as hot! Also a special shout out to my soon to be step mum for organising dads 60th surprise party. It’s nice to do nice things, yknow?

Little things: washing all the suncream off after a long day of adventuring; simple dinners; air conditioning; NASHVILLE!!!; job hunting; early nights; watching the sunset (at this very moment and someone is also letting off fire works); Greek yoghurt; talking to my best friend more; French cats; not being online all day; Danielle Laporte; meditating; when JP plays the guitar really pretty; jandals; having people who think just like you do; Pablo Escobar (different but the same to Narcos and the only thing we agree on tv wise); finding my favourite sunglasses; avocados; Hellers sausages; super stretchy comfy jeans; listening to David Bowie on the way home from dads (and I’m not big on Bowie at all); lying on the beach; and as always JP.

Make Monday


Last night I thought I made a pretty bad ass pizza. I was having cravings for it and I didn’t have enough money to go and buy one. Usually at this end of the pay fortnight I am skint and the cupboards are super empty so the spinach which was looking a little bit sad had to do. I usually buy enough food to last us a fortnight so we don’t have to worry about anything but I’m still learning to balance it out better. Improvising is key when you want to stop spending all your money on takeaways!

I made the dough from this recipe which was extremely easy to make and made enough for four mini pizzas or two oblong shaped pizzas (I don’t have a pizza tray) The best thing about pizza is you can go as simple or as nuts as you want and today I kept it hella simple. Chicken, almonds, spinach, and the most deliciously simply tomato sauce.

1 c almonds
1 chicken breast sliced lengthwise and 1 cm thick
1 tsp mixed herbs
1 tsp cajun seasoning
1 c parmesan
salt and pepper
5 tomatoes roughly chopped
1/2 onion thinly sliced
1 large clove of garlic

Roll out your dough till it is about even all the way around. Prick with a fork and put in the oven in bursts of 5 minutes on high to get it cooking so you wont have raw dough. Chop your onions and garlic nice and fine and chuck in the pan once your desired fat has melted. Let it get semi translucent then chuck the tomatoes in and stir until the juice starts to evaporate. While the sauce is cooking away mix the herbs, cajun seasoning, and salt and pepper and evenly disperse all over the chicken. Remove sauce from pan and add chicken. Meanwhile, blitz the almonds till they are in fairly decent size bits and set aside. Once your pizza base it brown and doesn’t feel too doughy cover with all ingredients and bake until cooked.