Weekly Love


This week has been so damn hot and for once I’m all about it. I usually hate summer coz it’s usually when my depression strikes hot and I’m so pale that I burn in an instant. On Monday I just sat on the beach too chicken to get up and not willing to risk my phone being stolen. On Tuesday and Wednesday after work I left the house without my phone and stayed in the water until my skin went wrinkly and today until I started getting tired. The most liberating this was donning my bikini on and walking around carelessly and enjoying my own company. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as hot! Also a special shout out to my soon to be step mum for organising dads 60th surprise party. It’s nice to do nice things, yknow?

Little things: washing all the suncream off after a long day of adventuring; simple dinners; air conditioning; NASHVILLE!!!; job hunting; early nights; watching the sunset (at this very moment and someone is also letting off fire works); Greek yoghurt; talking to my best friend more; French cats; not being online all day; Danielle Laporte; meditating; when JP plays the guitar really pretty; jandals; having people who think just like you do; Pablo Escobar (different but the same to Narcos and the only thing we agree on tv wise); finding my favourite sunglasses; avocados; Hellers sausages; super stretchy comfy jeans; listening to David Bowie on the way home from dads (and I’m not big on Bowie at all); lying on the beach; and as always JP.

Make Monday


Last night I thought I made a pretty bad ass pizza. I was having cravings for it and I didn’t have enough money to go and buy one. Usually at this end of the pay fortnight I am skint and the cupboards are super empty so the spinach which was looking a little bit sad had to do. I usually buy enough food to last us a fortnight so we don’t have to worry about anything but I’m still learning to balance it out better. Improvising is key when you want to stop spending all your money on takeaways!

I made the dough from this recipe which was extremely easy to make and made enough for four mini pizzas or two oblong shaped pizzas (I don’t have a pizza tray) The best thing about pizza is you can go as simple or as nuts as you want and today I kept it hella simple. Chicken, almonds, spinach, and the most deliciously simply tomato sauce.

1 c almonds
1 chicken breast sliced lengthwise and 1 cm thick
1 tsp mixed herbs
1 tsp cajun seasoning
1 c parmesan
salt and pepper
5 tomatoes roughly chopped
1/2 onion thinly sliced
1 large clove of garlic

Roll out your dough till it is about even all the way around. Prick with a fork and put in the oven in bursts of 5 minutes on high to get it cooking so you wont have raw dough. Chop your onions and garlic nice and fine and chuck in the pan once your desired fat has melted. Let it get semi translucent then chuck the tomatoes in and stir until the juice starts to evaporate. While the sauce is cooking away mix the herbs, cajun seasoning, and salt and pepper and evenly disperse all over the chicken. Remove sauce from pan and add chicken. Meanwhile, blitz the almonds till they are in fairly decent size bits and set aside. Once your pizza base it brown and doesn’t feel too doughy cover with all ingredients and bake until cooked.


Weekly Love


Today is JP and I’s two year meetaversary! Two years today we would’ve both been hungover, and at our respective homes after enjoying a coffee in my lounge after getting very pissed the night before. We can’t remember the proper date we got together but we took selfies the night we met so we just find it easier to go off that date. We celebrated it for the most part on Friday night, felt pretty average the next day, then went out to Beer Meats Grill for dinner, Kaffe Eis for dessert then bed to nap (actually JP stayed up till 2am watching Pablo Escobar haha!) We’re both feeling pretty slow today so we ate fish and chips at the beach then JP went home and have been facebook messaging ever since. JP has requested that I don’t post pictures of him all over the internet and I am totally down with respecting his wishes. All in all, this week has been a pretty good week.

Little things: precious alone time; Aimee scoring us tickets to Death Cab on the 20th!!!; home made pizza; making badass meatballs (recipe coming shortly); getting motivated for a new step; listening to Death Cab; marathoning Pretty Little Liars; the Veronica Mars movie coming on Netflix; double animal house sitting coming up; Brand New releasing a new album this year!!!!; buttermilk fried chicken burger with fennel and apple coleslaw; smashing out five loads of laundry; sober till November (apparently); super kind pharmacists and of course a well made coffee.

Make Monday – My go-to breakfast smoothie

When I do my groceries online I’m more inclined to buy in bulk and freeze. By the second week I’m so bloody poor that going out and buying fresh fruit and veges is not really a go-er. Countdown usually have two big bunches of bananas for $6 so when my order arrives they’re one of the many items to be frozen. Most things I like and create in the kitchen are things I keep on hand pretty much all the time . There is nothing worse than wanting to make something then having to go out and buy extra ingredients and spend half an hour dilly dallying because you’ve bumped into Roxanne who you worked with three years ago and she won’t let you go. This is my go to smoothie. I don’t believe in spending $8.00 out and about for one. On my wages it’s just a ludicrous (accidentally spelled that like the rapper first time) expense! Plus, this one is just as good. Feel free to add extra milk if you are so inclined or if you’re adding an extra weet-bix. I have added spinach to this before but it was the worst idea ever. If you want to make this into a more dessert-y shake then use almond milk for a richer result but if you’re having it for breakfast and you find
Weet-bix and milk don’t really fill you up then feel free to boil a couple of eggs to go with.

1 cup frozen or fresh bananas
1 tablespoon peanut butter (I use Pic’s)
2 Weet-Bix crumbled
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup of your desired milk

Blend all ingredients until smooth. If you’re using frozen bananas you’ll need to give it a real good go around the blender. Once done, fill your blender up with a bit of water and a bit of dish washing liquid for the quickest clean of your life.

Weekly Love

We get to look after this cutie for a week in March!!!

This weekend was one of those weekends where you feel like it has gone on forever. I’m 100% not complaining (of course) but I feel the most relaxed I have in a long time. We went out to JP’s house on Friday night, got a curry, had a good sleep and laxed out. On Saturday we bummed about, did a bit of exercise and went to a BBQ where we had forgot we were going to be house sitting for in March then, today has been another bum around day. The exercise and healthy eating has been a lot better this week. We certainly have indulged a fair bit but I’m working on next week. I mean, on Friday I just ate a whole bag of chips (!!!) for lunch because I hadn’t organised anything…. I try and organise my grocery order before my pay cycle comes around so that I can get them delivered on pay day. Making dinner and lunch for two under $180 is a challenge (we go halves coz JP is here most the week) It is for sure 10 times easier than having to pop to the supermarket and try and decide what to eat!

Little things: sitting in bed and watching netflix; watching the Simpsons; having really good sleeps; getting away from the city; Jhene Aiko and DCFC coming to Wellington in February; staff party next weekend (anniversary the weekend after!); not being hungover; Bhavini’s food; Nike Training Club; alone time; lists & planning; achy post exercise body; and Pretty Little Liars (so bad it’s good)

Make Monday

Love makes you fat. The dating, the alcohol, the snacks. The past (nearly) two years has resulted in 12kgs (!!!) of weight gain. Food has definitely become a hobby of ours and we are so not happy about the repercussions! Why didn’t anyone warn me about this?! This is how it sort of happened: If you’ve ever been around someone and they mention something like wanting pizza and then all you think about is pizza then you buy pizza and you both enjoy the shit out of that pizza until it starts to effect your waist line. When I’m single I eat incredibly healthy as in Mc Donalds makes me feel miserable afterwards.

I live right by all the food places so after years of being by them they all sort to get a bit….boring. Minus Burger Fuel, of course. I love to cook a lot which makes my life so much easier. Cooking is therapeutic and nothing is better to me than sitting down and thinking ‘fuck yeah!’ to myself as I devour whatever I have made. This recipe is one of them. I’ve seen a lot of recipes like it so excuse the minor plagiarism I just wanted to have one of my own.

1 large chicken breast
1 can tinned chopped tomatoes
1 onion
1 medium sized kumara
1 grated carrot
2 cup kidney beans
1 tsp tumeric
1 tsp paprika
1 vegetable stock cube
2 tsp cajun seasoning
1/2 cup water
salt and pepper

Heat your oven to 160 degrees on fan bake. Peel your kumara then chop into one centimeter pieces. Be very careful not to cut them too thick otherwise they will take forever to cook. Keep an eye on these during the cooking duration (usually about 20-30 mins) and make sure you flip them when they are cooked so both sides get colour but are tender.

Melt your desired fat in your pan (I used butter) and add finely chopped onion. While onion is becoming translucent, cut your chicken into very small bite sized pieces and season well with salt and pepper. Add your carrot in with the onions till the carrot gets some good colour going through it then put the beans in. Add your chicken let it brown slightly then chuck in the can of tomatoes. Let it simmer and get nice and bubbly then add the vegetable stock cube, turmeric and paprika then pour in water. Let the sauce reduce and add salt and pepper to taste.

Spoon the mixture over the kumara then top with cheese, sour cream and avocado.



Weekly Love

This week flew by! I was so happy to not be riding the ‘first week back at work for the year’ wave. It was easier to just work through and not worry about post holiday depression. It’s been very warm here which is pleasant and it has either been very windy or very rainy but luckily not all together which for the most part it is a total win because wet and windy Wellington is such a pain to navigate. I worked 7 days consecutively which was not super thrilling but getting a bit of time to go exercise and eat good food made it worth it.

Little things: doing my groceries online; eating more vegetables; having money to spend!!; new underwear; picnics; waking up to cuddles; spending Christmas gift vouchers; hearty breakfasts; hearing new bands on the street; daylight savings; mini road trips; cleaning my room; exercising with JP; making zoodles; having a bit of alone time; Facetiming mum; ice cold beer from a can (see above) and people watching.