Adventures in Weightloss

imageAs you know I’ve been so lazy recently. It’s not that I don’t want to I just haven’t been, yknow, doing. It’s daylight savings this week so yesterday evening I took Loki for a walk around the Botanical Gardens and felt so much better for it! When the weather is so mild and it’s light out it feels like a waste to be inside watching tv. I’ve started doing things differently this past week though. Also, that photo is not this weeks weight. I just couldn’t find one haha. So here is my list:

Stopped with the high calorie snacks – I was buying bags of nuts and eating 3/4 a packet in a day. Do I have self control? Most definitely not. I bought them for the week but  after logging them in My Fitness Pal decided that I’m either going to have to weigh them or not have them. Same for bliss balls. The Tom and Luke’s peanut butter and cacao ones are bloody delicious but rack up the calories. I’ve swapped them for popcorn (I share it with my work mates), bananas, celery and a couple of slices of cheese on a grainy cracker.

Lunch is better – I am always horrified at how high Uncle Ben’s microwave rice is in calories (specifically the pilau one 10/10) but if I have it with 100gm chicken then I’m usually good for the rest of the day. I’m not bored of it yet but definitely going to look into different lunch options.

Weighing yourself after half-assing your diet and exercise is such a bitch but I checked the scales briefly and there hasn’t been too much of a change (thank god). I guess you put in what you get out so I feel a lot less bummed out if I know that change isn’t likely. Shit happens, time to move on.

I’m signing up to the gym again. Yep, as soon as my pay comes through on Thursday I’m doing it. Bring back the soul cleansing 2hr gym sessions I loved so much.

So there we have it. I’m working on it and doing my best to get there.

Weekly Love

IMG_1095[1]I haven’t taken a selfie in so long so I dug up one from the archives. My front camera is broken and my camera was stolen by gang associates a couple of years ago. I love photos and I loved looking back at the old photos that I had stored. Boyfriends, heartbreak, work fun, personal revelations, happiness and deep depression. It’s so easy to forget that we all go through the ebb and flow of life and no matter what happens – you’ll always be okay. That is so nice to know and today I’m greatful for my journey. We forget that we go through so much and never give ourselves the credit.

Little things: having a visit from Brax (!!!); Loki coming back after his holiday; having a clean house; plus clean sheets omg; getting loads of rest; marathoning Heroes; daylight savings (warm weather soon!); This American Life, my workplace; tamarillos; Onceit; getting a bit of sun on Saturday; and writing


Adventures in Weightloss


10-15 kilos ago when I had discipline

Aie aie aie! It hasn’t been a good time lately. Did you know that there is never a good time to lose weight? Yup. It has taken me this long to realise this. I guess patterns need a little time to reach the brain….well my brain at least! I’ve got back on the bandwagon and aside from exercising everything is going semi okay.

Whats important here is that I am finally getting through to myself. If you stop you will never go anywhere and you’ll just end up feeling gutted that you fucked out and didn’t keep on. That’s been me for the past 3-4 years. I feel like writing about this is like a prequel to the actual event. I call it ‘The Hobbit: From Bilbo Baggins to Gandalf in 10 easy steps, 4 epiphanies and 7 failures’ ha.

I forget that Weightloss is as much of a physical transformation as a mental one. Do you love you right body? Yes. Are you doing this to improve your health? Yes. Are you doing this to improve your body so that in the future you’re a healthy and healthy human? Yes. There’s no point in doing something that you’re not mentally ready for giving up an old routine. I used to eat a lot when I worked out lots because I could (calories in, calories out etc)


Weekly Love


Don’t be fooled, those burgers are from several weeks ago. My life has become a bit of a bore this week which is fine by me. I hardly get to hang out at home during my weekends but my mum was in town so we did for once. Today was a track pants and tv day because the weather was pretty stormy all weekend. It was nice doing nothing and being home!

Little things: tamarillos; Nivea’s rich nourishing body moisteriser; Heroes; booking our holiday (we are going away with our friends for Christmas!); seeing Brax grow; Onceit – my biggest addiction; having an unofficial community of people all wanting the same weight loss goals; not worrying about hangovers all weekend; the new iOS update; polar fleece sheets; puppy cuddles; setting goals with JP; and having my main girl right next door.

Weekly Love

imageI’m started writing this from beautiful Mt Ruaopehu ski field in Ohakune but my phone died – go figure. JP checked the weather and since it was forecast for great weather we took a quick road trip up. This is also the first time I’ve been to the snow!!! Accommodation is pretty hard to come by but we managed to stay at this kooky house with this guy who rents out his rooms over the ski season. The best part? His very affectionate ginger cat, Spaghetti, who we fell in love with.

Its always good to get out of your routine and do stuff. I know that sounds vague but when you’re in the same work, sleep and eat cycle I’m in then getting out is good. I’m currently on the couch with Aimee and Loki chilling out and I’m forever greatful to come home to these two.

Little things: JP for being forever generous in many ways (head out of the gutter ploise); Kath and Kim; buying way too much shit on Onceit; Ohakune; cooking for the first time in a week; Rereading radical self love; and my own company

Adventures in Weightloss

This is embarrassing to write. Guess who fell off the bandwagon? Lol this happens though, right? Yes it does. I just got lazy and then my routine got messed up. I’m so determined to get back into shape!! You know why? Coz it’s so doable I’m just being lazy. You know what’s nice? Getting drunk on the weekend of your new job. Celebrating. You know what’s nice? Eating far more than you need because it’s delicious and it’s okay coz your pants fit coz they’re new.

I write about celebrating and treats because it’s such a big part of my life and possibly yours too. ‘You’ve worked so hard so you can eat that box of shapes’ said my new co-worker. Did I eat that box of shapes? Hell yes. On Saturday when I had the hang over from hell did I eat those pizzas, burrito and then drink beer later? Yes I did. I deserved it. Good lord, Anna. Get a bloody grip of yourself! Shit. Maybe because I was such a fat child who had to go on an epic diet that involved no treats means that as an adult all I want to do is eat treats?

Anyway, I’m going to get my own gym membership next week. Yas girl! I have three occasions coming up that I’ll want to drink and eat junk so I’m going to do it. Yes, yes I am. I’m going to celebrate because while I’m cool with keeping it real and eating properly I’m also all about that health life.

The moral of this ranty post is that you can have your cake but for the love of god you don’t need to eat the whole bloody thing. You can go out for five beers (like you’ve promised yourself) just don’t make it ten beers. You can enjoy pizza but you don’t need two. Just eat some bloody vegetables.

Weekly Love


Holy shit time flies! I opened this to write and WordPress alerted me that today is my six year anniversary! How crazy. I used to start blogs then just delete them but this one has managed to stick. Stoked.

Anyway, this weekend was nuts and I drank too much and there was a lot of family drama so when Aimee and Loki walked in the door this evening I felt so relieved. Having your childhood best friend around when everything feels shitty is the best. We watched Scream Queens and are currently both dying in bed because I may have given us both food poisoning. That’s what friends are for, right? This is one of the best ideas we’ve had because her being there reminds me that everything is okay always and if not, then we still have each other.

Little things: Drake and Rihanna getting back together; finally buying new bras; going for a good proper shop; Onceit; going to the markets; not being incredibly cold; having a three day weekend; having Saturday off; being able to yell out to Aimee coz she sleeps next door; my sister despite how fucking weird our relationship is sometimes; Milly Bobby Brown from Stranger Things rapping; and early nights.