Adventures in weightloss pt 3


Yes, hello and welcome to another week of ‘Adventures in Weightloss’. As you can see this week is not like previous weeks scale pic. I have done what I always do at week 3 – fall off of the band wagon. Fuck. I was doing very well and then I got sick. Then all there was to eat in the house was Chinese take aways then we went drinking then I ate three different types of takeaways in two days then the rugby final was on and we went drinking again. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself on Sunday plus I fell down my stairs (lol) on the way home and hurt my shin. Did you know your shin bone is not your tibia? Yeah, neither.

Anyway, I took the above photo this morning while I was getting ready. I was meant to walk to work and we were meant to go to the gym. Well, it was cold and I wanted to stay in bed with JP and I finished work really late so we didn’t go to the gym. Excuses I know.

What have I learnt from this experience:

– treats and drinking are okay. Just don’t have a bender and eat pizza, BK, McDonalds and battered sausages in 24 hours.

– Winter is cold. Walking keeps you warm. Catching the bus costs $40 odd dollars a week.

-Meal and snack prep is so important. One day last week I had hummus and crackers and Tom and Luke’s peanut butter and cacao bliss balls and it was amazing.

– There is five months till Summer and I need to fit cute clothes (coz last Summer I didn’t)

Weekly Love

imageWeeks have been blurring into one right now and holy shit it’s now AUGUST! I feel as though I’m right where I should be, yknow? I’ve made some changes and I’m so excited to do new shit! It’s weird on Sunday I felt like I had revisited some part of my younger self in a drunken state over the weekend. When I was the happiest (in saying that I’m not unhappy) I was nurturing my extroverted soul by going out lots, getting dressed up and having so much fun. I’m glad I’m not 21 anymore though. I love the growth that has come with being 26. I feel like I’m a lot more aware of shit and a lot less selfish. I love that I’m more accountable for my being and that I’ve dropped the blame game. I still have a lot more growing to do but I’m slowly growing into someone I’m proud of. I guess in time you just take little parts of each chapter of your life to complete the happiness puzzle.

Little things: having my two fave people in the entire universe getting along really well; me and Aimee’s weeknight routine and dying laughing; being inside while it’s so damn cold; planning summer in my head; having windows in my room; drunk phone calls to people I miss; Sunday roasts at dads; hanging out with Brax; Hurricanes winning the final; online shopping (hell-o Onceit!); and chicken and Uncle Ben’s pilau rice!

Adventures in Weightloss pt 2


Yas gurl I made some progress! I don’t hate doing exercise so  walking to work isn’t such a tax. Have I mentioned I hate smelly buses piled in with people? We had stock take on Wednesday so instead of walking I went to the gym instead. Back in the day I used to do two hours at the gym most days and I felt so much clearer mentally. Plus, my new job is right next to a gym so even when the weather is gloomy I can’t really excuse myself.

My eating has been pretty atrocious this week. I didn’t plan out our groceries properly so it meant I ate a lot of fatty take aways but in saying that I ate good when I could. I kept a log and it was basically takeaways, chips and the occasional home cooked meal. It is my goal this week to log every thing on My Fitness Pal. For real though, my eating has been like this:

2 pieces soy and linseed toast
Can of baked beans
2 poached eggs
1 vanilla energize up and go
2 pieces vogels with avo
Small piece of cake

Footlong ham sub
Meatballs and pasta
Chocolate and lollies

Meat and veg turn over and a v
Savoury bagel and chips
Chicken and rice
2 choc almond bars
3/4 bag of marshmallows

1 almond choc bar
Stir fry

ETC ETC. As you can see, I got bored of logging it all. But I need to relax on the treats for real.

Weekly Love

imageAfter keeping it all hush hush I can finally say I got the job I was going for! A nice wee pay rise and normal people hours has left me so happy. I will miss my girls so much but staying stagnant is not my jam and after two years of not really achieving much it will help me at least finance things to help me along with my other goals. I don’t know why but I think moving house has really put things in perspective for me. It was such a big change and might have moved a mental block of not being able to achieve things or move on purely because I’m mushy and sentimental. Onwards and upwards from here!

Little things: puppy cuddles; getting some much needed vitamin D; living with Aimee and the laughs that come with it; JP for always being my biggest cheerleader; productive weekends; getting epic sleep; planning out our deck for Summer; Hart of Dixie; This American Life; not so cold Winters; ASOS; and seeing Mickey go hunnids on her life.

Adventures in Weightloss


On Sunday JP and I went to the gym. Now, first off I couldn’t get that image horizontal and it’s annoying so I’m sorry. Second of all, I’ve been using JPs parents scale for the past wee while and well, I finally got to use the digital one at the gym. It honest to god reminds me of the ones at the vet that they weigh fat Labradors on. Anyway, what’s up, I’ve gained 4-5kgs. After comfortably sitting in the early 80’s I’ve reached a new milestone – the heaviest I’ve ever been. A bit of weightloss history for you:

– fat as a child

– so fat as a child I got terrible tummy aches and was ordered off all fat and sugar (bye bye milo and chicken 2 minute noodles!)

– lost weight in highschool

– gained weight back

– lost weight in early twenties and lost more weight after a crappy heart break

– met JP and put on 15kgs in 2.5 years

Oops! Now this is not JP’s fault but it’s so easy to gained weight when you fall in love. Going out on dates, beers, late night pizza, late night McDonald’s, double dinners on big nights out ETC! I used to smash out two hours in the gym a day so I was in pretty good shape. Now I’m going to work my ass off to get back there.

I’m going to track my weightloss every Wednesday in hopes with making me more accountable for my health. Weight loss was one of the four goals I set myself this year so fingers crossed that it sticks!

Weekly Love


On Monday after doing my morning jobs I went out to my dads to walk Brax. I’ve been waiting so long for my dad and step Ma to get a dog and it is so nice to have him. The first time I met him I heard him before I saw him. When I came in through the gate he came out on the deck and we stared at each other while he wagged his tail. He is the biggest cuddle bug and the easiest pup to walk. Seeing him makes me feel instantly good. Now I wait until I have a pup of my own.

Little things: getting up and doing things; having a bit of time to myself; Friday drinks; getting to the gym; walking to work; cooking new things (tonight I’m making tabbouleh!); merino track pants; seeing the harbour from my couch; curry dates; the promise of Spring making its way through and taking every opportunity I possibly can.

Weekly Love


Right now, I have Sunday’s and Monday’s off at work which is so good. Tomorrow will be the first full day I’ve had to myself since I don’t know when! Recharging them batteries is hella important and as I’ve grown older I’ve fully appreciated that time to myself. I’m planning to go out to my dads to take Brax for a run and get some puppy cuddles in, meet my step sister for a coffee and wash my hair. Thrilling. Seeing the Spring fashion roll in at work and the beautiful sunshine we’ve had lately makes me so excited for Summer. I miss berries, avocados, swimming and daylight savings.

Little things: Hotel Hell & Kitchen Nightmares; having Loki greet me when I’m coming home; clean sheets!; taking Angie out to meet Brax; podcasts while I fall asleep; J Cole; people watching; waking up to my boo; naps; puppy cuddles; and dinner with dad and the step fam.