Weekly Love #1

Catching up with friends for hump day drinks and having a helluva night, Mee Goreng that isnt from a packet, seeing my breath because it’s so cold out, hearing random snippets of peoples hilarious conversations, Treme season one soundtrack, planning on having loads of birthdays rather than just one!, the sweet photoshopping skills of one of the associates in Auckland, pretty much everyone I work with, planning on moving to far away places, visiting my mum for the weekend, getting a solid nights sleep, New Girl, Community, Suburgatory, seeing friends plan adventures that make them happy, drunken networking, roast potatoes, afternoon naps, having time to myself, being single, hilarious texts from my sister, Morrisey on bus trips, having a sunny seat on the bus after a week of rain in the city, hanging out with my girls, having the cats around, making a mental bucket list, swag, conversations that make you want to achieve things, Drake, Tom Gabel deciding to become a woman (I’m SO PROUD!!!! One of the nicest people I have ever met!), snow leopard print dresses, making friends with people who work near my apartment, saying hello to people I see in the lift everyday but never talk to, listening to jazz on dreary days, the sweet feeling of hopping into bed after a long ass day, sharing music, being told by strangers that I am gorgeous, side plaits & head bands that double as ear warmers.


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