The Gingers Guide to Life pt 1

1. Only hang out with people who you like and vice versa. This is one of those ‘No duh!’ things that often goes amiss.

2. No matter how badly you got burned by the last person you hooked up with it is never, ever cool to walk past them at a bar hand in hand with another person then wave right in their face especially if you’re not even friends.

3. Living with your parents is awesome but living out of home is even better. Lately, I have been come home after a long day at work, hopping into my warm bed, looking around at and smiling at my room. I have pretty much ultimate freedom.

4. Go do things by yourself! You no longer need your mother to take you to the bathroom at a restaurant so why do you need someone to do everything with? Sure, the company is great but going out by yourself increases your confidence and makes you realise that there is literally nothing to be afraid of. Confidence is hot.

5. I say this to everyone, but go see a counsellor when you’re feeling down. Two very important life lessons I have learnt through going to therapy are learning to voice your problems and the coping mechanisms they give you are life changing. CBT changed my life for the better!

6. When you’re flat hunting and they give you an email address – look them up on facebook. I have avoided so many bad looking flats by doing this.

7. When you’re out drinking the best time to go home is when people start ordering shots.

8. I hate reading womans magazines. They make men and relationships sounds so complicated. Contrary to popular belief, those 12 steps to get a man to fall in love with you in one evening are total rubbish. Also, don’t get me started on the quarterly ‘How to apply fake tan properly’ articles. From the looks of all the oompa loompa’s it is clearly not a priority out there.

9. We can make excuses for everyone and everything but we never should. For the most part, everything is pretty black and white.

10. Everything you say should be said sincerely.



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