The Gingers Guide to Life #2

1. Do something nice for yourself every day! Whether you buy yourself a coffee or paint your nails. Learn to appreciate yourself!

2. For the past couple of weekends I have been ducking out of town regularly and it has given me plenty of time and space to look at my life, what I want to do and where I am going. Instead of sticking around town why not get out for a couple of days even if it is just an hour or so out of town. It gives you a chance to look at your life from a different perspective and place. Being in the same city you work in every day can become exhausting.

3. Rather than staying in and having a pity party why don’t you go out to an actual party. If you can’t rouse up the right amount then grab a good friend, get dinner and drink at fancy bars with low lights and people watch. Stop moping you’re doing yourself no favours!

4. Turn all your technology off an hour or so before you go to bed and learn to settle down. Put your phone on the other side of your room, turn off your lap top and just chill out. Put some music on and write in your diary or read in the quiet for a bit.

5. Writing in a journal is almost like free therapy. I know it’s not for everyone but sometimes you have an issue and need to get it out of your system instead of hounding everyone else with your problems. It gives you a clearer insight to your problems. Just make sure you hide it well.

6. Start making birthdays a big deal for friends and family. I mean, fuck yes your best friend is the biz and she totally changed your life! How different would it be without him or her?

7. Okay, you’re now old enough to  know when someone is good for you or bad for you romantically or unromantically. So cut the crap, delete their number and wish them well. On to the next! Jesus.

8. Learn to see both sides of the coin.

9. Compile a list of things you want to do over the weekend on a Friday night. Get all the niggly things that have been on your to do list for ages out of the way. Plan to have everything done by Sunday afternoon, curl up on the couch and watch evening sitcoms.

10. Sometimes we worry about things and haven’t even done anything wrong.

Image by Zoe Strauss


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