Weekly Love #3

Last weekend my boyfriend & I went up and made use of my dads place while he was away. We left after work on Friday, got fish and chips & chilled out all weekend. It was great to eat breakfast in bed and spend our sweet time doing what we wanted to do. We spent a really long time down at the markets, got coffee, cigars & then went home and put our feet up. It’s so good just to get away for a little while & spend some quality time together!

Little things: getting on top of my laundry; getting a good nights sleep; Ali G: the movie; new Pretty Little Liars!!!l; getting up to mischief with my boyfriend; Gavin & Stacey; having new music to listen to; Jack Johnson in the mornings followed by Jurassic 5; heart head band; having some time to myself; cute morning texts!; “Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.; casual Fridays; big chats with my flat mates; tangerine lip gloss; motivation high fives around the office; making peoples mornings


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