Weekly Love #4

This week has been crazy. I looked after my mum Sunday through to Wednesday after she had gall stones removes, got dumped on Wednesday evening, had a hair appointment booked an hour later and cut off at least half of my hair (my hair dresser said when I told him what had happened earlier ‘I’ll wash your hair and it will be okay’ haha!) and have spent an unideal amount of time being emotionally vacant. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the best week since it was the first time I got my heart properly broken. It has, however, made me realise that I have a wonderful support system of friends, family and colleagues I have. The musical stylings of my main man Usher Raymond made the first three days bearable as did watching Bones. There is something soothing about RnB when the shit has hit the fan let me tell you. It’s hard to let go of something that is completely out of your power no matter how much you want it and I know that it’s a time thing. SIGH. C’est la vie…

Little things: Drake; Tyler; the creator – Goblin; going out and having a good drinking session between three different groups; food!; nice warm showers; Dr Dre – The Chronic; having some epic alone time which I missed; realising how in tune with myself I am and how proud of myself I am for it; my new header (thanks Caro!!); the fact that Piri is here on Saturday; raucousness at work; doing nice little things for other people; cigarettes through the hard times; my pretty new dress; heart stockings; boots on cold days; smelling like vanilla; being able to visit three of my friends on one street; free city wifi; applying for jobs I think are out of my league and getting an interview (!!!); Revlon Cherry Ice lipstick; Metric – Fantasies ; first coffee of the day; sitting at the harbour at lunch in the sun!; Spotify; my new hair; becoming more organised; mint green nail polish; my epic new sunglasses that make me feel like a spy!; getting a good nights sleep; my electric blanket; Bones; Pretty Little Liars


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