The Gingers Guide to Life #3

1. Stop bottling up your emotions! You don’t realise how much your moods effect other people and it will make you a sucky person to be around. It’s all good and well talking to your friends but having a professional tell you where you’re at and how to fix and change your life for the better is the real deal. It can get expensive and a good one can be hard to find but it’s a short term investment in yourself and will change your life for the better!

2. Give yourself a break from reality a couple of times a week and recharge your batteries. It’s fun to have a social life and hang out with your other half but having some ‘me’ time is crucial especially since we’re all generally busy.

3. Don’t tell everyone every time something new or exciting is about to happen. This happened to me when I got a boyfriend then I had to tell 100+ people in person that he dumped me and it was the worst feeling ever.

4. No matter what happens never lose site of your long and short term goals. When things get tough look back on them and remember all the good things that you have planned for the future.

5. Don’t make excuses for other peoples shitty behaviour. People know what they’re doing when they do it so don’t make allowances.

6. Don’t be ashamed to show people who you are. There will always be someone who will judge and as the old saying goes ‘Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’.

7. Know what makes you happy and do it. There are always hurdles but getting there in the end makes it so much more worth it.

8. If you’re wearing exercise leggings be conscious of camel toe. Wear a long t-shirt or something and save everyone elses eyes.

9.  Stop posting those god awful picture quotes on your Facebook. One is annoying more than three is just fucking frustrating! Get a tumblr already!!!

10. Always have a project underway. There is something super satisfying about seeing it grow.

Image found on pinterest. Unsure who the artist is.


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