The Gingers Guide to Life #4

My new inspiration wall. Made the world of difference!

1. I know that the new person you are seeing is totally amazing and super cool but the biggest thing I have learnt is to slow it the fuck down. Not only is it good to have time to do your laundry, see your friends, etc but it gives you time to think about if it is really what you want. It’s easy to get caught up in someone elses awesomeness quickly but if it does fail you wont feel too much of an absence from your life when they’re gone.

2. Never leave the house looking like shit. You are better than this.

3. I read somewhere once the best piece of wisdom on being sad. The advice went ‘I give myself a certain amount of time to feel sad about something, let myself get really sad about it then as soon as the time is up I get over it.’ Sometimes you have to give yourself time to FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS.

4. Do a random act of kindness! It doesn’t have to be big. It might just be buying one of your friends a drink after work.

5. There is nothing wrong with a quiet weekend in. Have a hot shower, watch a movie and get a good nights sleep. You’ll be amazed at how much it impacts your week for the better.

6. If you have trouble getting motivated make yourself a motivation wall OR sign up to pinterest and search for motivational quotes. This works out exceptionally well if you, like me, are visual learner. If not then you’re on your own pal.

7. To do lists are a fail safe way of never, ever getting bored.

8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nothing a good work out, hot shower & therapy session can’t fix.

9. Make yourself up combos of things you enjoy doing for when a bad day strikes. Mine usually goes something along the lines of lasagna + t.v show + shower + bed + chain smoking.

10. Y’know that old saying ‘Never go to bed angry’ in terms of relationships. Well, I think that you should apply it to your life when you’re single. In case you can’t tell I’m currently team sort your fucking life out.


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