The Gingers Guide to Life #6

1. If you’re trying to reach your financial goals think about what future you would say before you spend your money on something trivial. Do you really need another hand bag? Really?

2. Always be up for a new adventure. Nothing like having the shit scared out of you every once and a while.

3. Sneakers with no laces are never okay!!!

4. If you want to run like a maniac listen to dubstep while working out. Camo & Krooked’s Between the Lines is a winner. Extra points if you bump up the incline.

5. When in doubt of what to wear you can never go wrong with a LBD and bright red lips I promise. If it’s day time a cropped denim jacket & flats at night time a blazer & high heels. You’re welcome.

6. Don’t post overly personal status updates. I’ll cut to the chase – new relationship status changes, new job, moving and good nights ahead are all fine but no one cares if you’re having troubles with your relationship, about your kids (family excluded) or general life issues. Time and a place guys, time and a place.

7. Your health is number one. I’m talking to YOU you workaholic. Go home and get into bed. No one wants your germs!!!

8. If your day is dull and you can’t get into the swing of things – listen to dance music! It’s the ultimate pick me up. Today I danced while I laminated. Day instantly made better.

9. Instead of calling someone a ‘rebound’ call them a ‘transitional person’. It’s a lot classier. “She want meant to be a transitional person not the one!’ – Sally Albright

10. Some people like to meddle. Don’t be one of those people.



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