Weekly Love #6

ot pink stockings & lunch with Niki and Megan at one of our favourite spots. They’re not big fans of photos so instead of trying I just take these.

Catching up with old friends! – My old flat mate is leaving for Sydney so I joined in on the festivities on Thursday and after a long hard day a drink (broke my sobriety…back on the horse now though!) and laughs were just what I needed. These are some of the funniest people I know and it was so good to see them. I’ve started making events on Facebook and making a time with people to catch up rather than saying ‘OH we must catch up!’ and then not. Sometimes you have to be the driver, set a date then negotiate it to suit everyone else. I’m also super guilty of saying I’m going to attend something then when it rolls around I’m too lazy to haul ass and go.

Writing more – I’ve always kept a journal and I usually just update here and there but recently I have been writing pretty much every evening. I get a bit anxious sometimes and writing things down makes a huge difference. I still have a decent stack of journals from when I was seventeen (I threw away my collection from highschool a couple of years back). I love looking back and seeing how much I have changed from this angry incredibly depressed teenager to a fairly resilient, more level headed adult. My favorite journals are A4 hard covered Marbig ones. The paper isn’t gross (I’ve had a bad experience with other brands), evenly spaced columns, wire bound to pull out pages easily and has a space for the date. I actually started writing in Marbig when I was 18 and I saw that Kurt Cobain had a Marbig journal and even though I wasn’t hugely into Nirvana I just HAD to get one. Thanks for the reccomendation Kurt.

Little things: Long midwinter lunches with my superb work mates!; Mac Miller – Blue slide park; being in bed on a cold day; Suits (I want to marry Harvey!); clean hair; getting an email from my flat mate telling me he was going to make me dinner (tha bezt); when the weekend finally rolls around; lime & sodas; getting decent nights sleep; eating super healthy; retail therapy’ Lush Olive branch body wash; having a mixed genre of music to listen to; getting compliments about a scarf I got when I was 12!; my electric blanket; Spotify; cute wallets on Poketo online store! I want everything!!; early morning breakfast with my papa; lunch with Megan and Niki; my hair; getting a sweet postcard from my friend who is currently in the States; ‘Give me something that will haunt me when you’re not around’; Taylor Swfit for writing the song below and nearly making me cry (play both videos at the same time. A youtube user suggested it in the comments and it’s A+++)


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