The Gingers Guide to Life pt. 8


1. I have this big issue at work. It’s all about people not being courteous about opening doors. If you grab the handle first then you hold it open so the other person can go through unless you can swing the door enough to get you both through. It doesn’t even take a minute to do yet people are real dicks about it. Just hold the god damned door!

2. Do one thing every day that makes your life easier. Look for a place closer to work so you don’t have to catch public transport or cut down on your responsibilities etc etc.

3. Keep busy.

4. Only listen to music that makes you grin like a chesire cat.

5. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to work out then:
a) get into your work out clothes when you get home
b) never let yourself get hungry (dark chocolate, raw unsalted nuts & dried fruit does the trick)
c) give yourself time off from the gym every once and a while

6. When the passion is gone, move on.

7. Watch Suits. Seriously. One man, two words: Harvey Spector. Damn.

8. If you want to stop being in debt then stop borrowing money. Your life could be much worse i.e you could not even have a roof over your head so cut the crap, stop impulse buying and look after your damn money!

9. Always, always, always have something new and exciting on the cards. Stop living a boring life!

10. If you’re going to have a shitty, negative, angry attitude people won’t want to hang around with you. You’re an uninspiring energy drainer! Get help and work through your issues!

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