Weekly Love #7

Just your average day at the office! This was in our work newsletter as was the one below. We have insane amounts of fun at work!

This week I feel like I’ve finally got back on my horse and I’m back to my old self. After a hard time there isn’t anything nicer than getting back to a solid routine and having a clear head. I’ve spent the past week grinning like a fool over the little things again and it’s nice to feel happy.

Little things: Lunch dates & inappropriate conversations with Niki & Megan; Pretty Little Liars; Suits; my inspiration wall (digs me out of every unideal mindset I get myself into); epic work outs; King Fantastic; Mac Miller; Netsky; spaghetti bolognase; making friends with people I never thought I would; have an assistant / protege at work; keeping busy!; job interviews; having time to myself; roti chennai & wharf walks with Sophie; finally going to restaurants I have been dying to go to; cocktails & raucous conversations at the bar with Sacha; the fact that they were playing Dr Dre at Tommy Millions; Dr Dre in general; early nights followed by amazing nights sleep; warm oversized jerseys; my work mates who are eternally hilarious and adorable; having my new dresses arrive!; cream cheese & salmon sushi; taking things off the back burner; coffee in bed on the weekends; taking my time to wake up properly in the morning; long walks around the Bay; early morning breakfasts with dad; electric blankets; trans Tasman facebook catch ups with Carrie; finally being able to run 3km; how close we are to warmer weather; getting out of town for the first time in ages; taking photos again!; & the fact that I am going to see my very best friend in a few hours for the first time in months!


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