The Gingers Guide to Life #9

1. Everyone needs to experience living right in the city at least once. I swear to god my life increased ten fold after getting an apartment. The convenience & night life are second to none. No more public transport, drunken taxi rides home or having limited decisions for dinner. A+!

2. There are many hard truths in life but one I have stumbled across many a time is that not everyone is going to like you. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when it comes around but you also have to remember that there will be people you don’t like either. Just roll wid it and keep being you.

3. If you can’t internalise your pain for gods sake go see a counsellor and stop updating your god damned Facebook status updates about your misery. Shit happens guys but it will pass so just hold on and do what you can to get through.

4. QOTD on Thursday from my protege/assistant Xani “When guys have psycho ex girlfriends they’re never that bad but if girls have psycho ex boyfriends they’re either locked up or the girl is in witness protection” May I add that she is 17 with the brains of someone in their 20s? I also may have paraphrased that due to poor memory.

5. Speaking of psycho, it’s funny what love/like/lust can do to you. I swear to Jesus it’s the only thing that truly breaks me. Uh oh. Moving on….

6. Next time you have a function or whatever to go to – don’t drink! You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have. I did it at our work Midwinter function on Friday and I had a ball and no hang over. Win – win.

7. Only ever do things when you’re ready. Pushing the boundaries will lead to a break down.

8. If you stop believing in yourself who will? Dream big, conquer all.

9. Every time I quit smoking for a period longer than a day or two I wake up feeling like shit. You would think that this would teach me to not smoke again yes? Never. This time I have an incentive to quit so I am a lot more motivated.


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