Weekly Love #8

This week has been amazing from the get go. I went for a job interview last Friday and they called me up Monday morning with an offer. I left my interview with my fingers firmly crossed because the job is very “me”. I will, however, be incredibly sad to say goodbye to my current co workers who have become like my family over the last 16 months. They’ve seen me through the sad, drunk and raucous times and will be sorely missed!

Little things: working out, roast dinners at dads, sunshine!, pushing myself way out of my comfort zone, sleeping!, making plans to hang out with people I love, getting out of town, eating super healthy, Pretty Little Liars, John Green, getting new dresses in the mail, green tea, new t-shirts, pulling myself out of bad situations, partying with the neighbours, it’s one month till Anna gets back!, clean laundry, hardworkers hand cream, getting my shit together pronto!, toning up!, Roo will be home before Christmas!!! & the fact that I am going to spend a whole lot of time with my absolute best friend this weekend and I could not be more excited!


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