The Gingers Guide to Life pt. 9


1. I want to make a PSA for all the young guys and gals out there. Someday you’re going to go home with someone (or vice versa), you’ll have sex, maybe cuddle for a bit afterwards and in the morning you’ll expect everything to be like the end of a rom com (excluding 500 days of Summer). It’s not. You wake up, leave as soon as possible (but check out your hair in the mirror first) then get home as quickly as possible. It is called a one night stand for a reason. Do not torture yourself with him or her not getting in touch, don’t add them on facebook and don’t get their number. I mean, each situation can be a little different but stop yourself and enjoy what little dignity you have after the experience and take the experience for what it is –  incredibly average drunk sex.

2. Sometimes I just wish people would get a diary and stop making all their private biz public on Facebook. I could really care less about your first world issues.

3. “one of the most annoying things is when someone is way more alive via texting than they are in person.” – Alexi Wasser

4. I know you’re hurting and what not but you need to get the fuck over it. Thinking about it wont do you any good and in twenty years time you wont give two fucks about this moment so just soldier on, okay?!

5. I’m currently obsessed with the ‘My fitness pal’ app. I find it so interesting to see how much fat, protein, calories, etc is in the food I eat and how much exercise goes into burning even the healthiest of foods! It has made me look at restructuring my eating patterns and will (fingers crossed!) help me become better at grocery shopping. Logging what you eat and how many calories you’re consuming is the way to go if you’re looking at losing weight. Good habits to keep for the rest of your life! Plus the website is hella interesting.

6. When all of your products (i.e shampoo, conditioner, washing powder etc) get half empty replace them. I promise this will change your life. There is nothing worse than reaching the end of pay day with bugger all coin and an empty cupboard and having to spend your money on frickin toothpaste.

7. WHY have you not watched Gilmore Girls yet? I was asking myself the same question a few weeks back and have started watching it from the beginning. Time well spent.

8. I live my life knowing that no matter how crap everything is at the moment it will soon pass, everything will go back to normal and I will become a stronger person because of it. May seem lame but hot damn is it true.

9. Pretty sure Spice up your life was the motivating anthem of the ’90s.

10. YOLO – carpe diem etc. Don’t let a moment go to waste on stupid shit, stupid people, and bad coffee (#YOLOL?)

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