Weekly Love #9

This week has gone so quickly. In between the gym, work & the supermarket I haven’t really done too much. It feels good to really look after myself and spend some time at home chillin’. I’ve been anticipating the start of my new job and new beginnings. It feels like Spring has come early. Thinking about all the changes I have made to my life this year, big and small, makes me super proud of myself. I look at myself like my own personal project and I strive to mold myself into the best person I can be (with hiccups along the way of course!) all the time.

Little things: My new Nike’s!; getting the errands I’ve been meaning to run out the way; giggle fits; running 5.73km for the first time ever!; finally getting my bookshelf; getting a super sweet card from my dope protege; Frank Ocean – I’ve Been Thinking Bout you (the chorus makes me FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS); Suits; Gilmore Girls; Pretty Little Liars; lots of green tea; one more week till I start my new job; Dr Dre (I find him FASCINATING!); Drake; royal jelly; long hot post work out showers; sleeping like a baby; only a couple of weeks till AK gets home; the fabulous feeling knowing that summer is right around the corner; healthy eating; getting excited about the future; the beautiful people I work with; electric blankets forever!


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