The extremely belated photo round up #8

Line one: Making Damon be Jesus – one of the six asos dresses I bought during a shit time – one of my favourite things ever – two of the many fun folders of documents I spent an absurd amount of time printing
Line two: Adopting healthy eating habits – selfies in the lift – my protege eating a massive steak – getting ready to send my contract!!!
Line three: Snoop Dogg and I on her last day 😦 – my sweet new kicks – boredom selfie – the hilarious box of tissues left on my desk that were in need of replacing
Line four: Eminem (we had a full kru at my old job) decorated my desk like a bawss – the man, the legend, ladies & gentlemen SIMON! – partying with the neighbours and their friends – note to residents haha
Line five: Dessert table at Megan’s cake & cocktail party – my leaving card – my old team pt. 1 – my old team pt. 2!
Line six: Chocolate fondant at Pravda – last day in my final wardrobe change with my fave alcoholic beverage – fulfilling my every four year pancake cravings – one of my favourite outfits
Line seven: Sending my best friend pictures to brighten her day – selfie in the boardroom before I left – orange lipstick (that looks red…?) – Molly! My best friends cat!
Line eight: Tilly! My bff’s dog who totally has the same coloured fur as my hair – freight train – partying like it’s 1950! – Ladies 1950 desperate housewife night out!
Line nine: Caitlin & Jazmin my honorary little sisters!


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