The Gingers Guide to Life pt. 11

1. I had an interesting situation on Sunday. I’ll cut to the chase on this but if you’re going to accuse someone of something so ridiculously awful at least have solid evidence that they did it rather than….I dunno…threatening issuing a restraining order!

2. In saying that, if you hate someone then cull them. Don’t message them, don’t do anything shitty or revenge like – cull. Your time is way, way, WAY too precious to be wasted on petty bullshit.

3. On Saturday I spent the entire day by myself doing things for myself sans iPod. It was bloody lovely to walk around and make myself look as pretty as I feel on the inside. Oh STOP IT.

4. My mother once said to me ‘You certainly don’t suffer fools gladly!’ Boy was she right. I urge you to do the same. It’s like insurance for your soul.

5. Whenever you’re in a rut think ‘What would Dr Dre think about this?’ Works a treat.

6. Sometimes you just need a good night out with a group of people of the same gender, copious amounts of alcohol and some sweet tunes.

7. You know everything is good when you have next to no money but you’re still outrageously happy.

8. One of my favourite pieces of advice is ‘Treat yourself like you’re your own child’ from Alexi Wasser. It’s one of the rules I live by especially in situations where vulnerability is concerned.

9. You know who your friends are when the shit hits the fan.

10. Never let anyone soil your name. It’s an insult to your identity. No shit I know but god damn some bitches be massive haters!

Image found on pintrest by someone who can’t remember the source


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