Weekly Love #10

This week life has thrown me one fucked up curve ball but without the love & support of two of my best friends (that’s Anna on the left and Aimee on the right) I don’t know how I would’ve made it through. Ladies, thank you! Even though Anna is in Canada and Aimee lives an hour away they still made time to make sure I was okay and support me through the shit times. I am so lucky to have you in my life & I can’t wait till we’re reunited in a couple weeks time! Massive love your way xoxoxo

Little things – Once again, Dr Dre who in the strangest way possible has given me odd amounts of strength and for reminding me that shitty people are shitty people and that’s all they are and will ever be; my work mates for giving me the best last day ever (I miss you all so much!); my new team who are SO CUTE agh kills me; Marlboro reds through the hard times; Gilmore Girls; being amused at distant cousins same sense of humour; spending time by myself doing things for myself; hearing my friend blasting Nicki Minaj from her apartment across the road; ladies nights!;  hilarious banter with family members I’ve never met over facebook; listening to Tegan & Sara for the first time in forever; We are never ever getting back together singalongs; using my camera more & my new job ❤


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