Weekly Love # 11

Summer is finally on it’s way! Everything is so much better because of this. My skin isn’t so sensitive, I can finally wear my dresses which have been teasing me from their hangers all Winter, I have to put on suncream before I leave the house, it’s a lot warmer outside & it’s getting lighter in the evening. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to finally have some gorgeous weather and how much nicer it is not to have to lug a coat around everywhere!

Little things: the boyfriend who is friggin gorgeous and makes me want to work harder on myself; Mexican themed dinners at work; getting back into the gym; decent cup of coffee; red lipstick; gelato on hot days; Roo for always being there to offer good advice and be a total sweetheart; morning cuddles; playing high-low; pool dates; seeing my friends more & making new ones!; finding Third Watch online (one of my favourite shows when I was younger!!!); my dads sense of humour; emailing with my best friend and having the same things on our minds; getting a dece nights sleep; making time to put on make up (makes the world of difference!); emailing with old work mates; planning weekends in bed (L); peanut butter chocolate; the sweet feeling when Friday afternoon rolls around; skype dates with old & new friends; making travel plans for my next birthday; feeling at peace with things; Cougartown reassuring moments with LD; having my life all sorted (laundry, clean room, etc!) and most of all my best friend who kills me with her super amazing sense of humour. Love you boo xoxoxo!

Image: http://pinterest.com/pin/81557443222224329/


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