Photo round up # 9 (the past month condensed)

Line one: my dad & one of my best friends – shameless bar selfie – I love the lights at Malthouse – my sister & her boyfriend at my sisters birthday dinner
Line two: me & my dad – shameless bathroom selfie – Katie, Huck & Ellyn (some of my new work mates) – so many good facial expressions
Line three: creeping – Carl, T.J and some sweet mirror drawings – shameless posing – one of many hilarious on the way to town shots
Line four – My boyfs a bit cute – relocating my smoke alarm like a boss – it’s always exciting to see fire trucks down my street – coffee catch ups with Max, Michaela & Anna
Line five – Catching up with AK after her being away for way too long! – post first date with Henry – second first date gin and pie at the wharf – one of the reasons I love Wellington so much!
Line six: chilling at the wharf at night – my boyf entertaining my girls like the champ he is – beers on the balcony with Pam & Rex – my citaaaay~
Line seven: graffiti in my hood – fire works 1, 2 & 3
Line eight: Henry & Pam – exciting moment when you find a coke with your name on it! – drinks at the fire fighter bar – Hogie pouring us shots
Line nine: Me & Sacha! – Guy being all smooth n shit~ – comfortable – Cougartown and her bag of nuts hahahaha
Line ten: Henry being a fox – me being me – these two were looking at what was under the grate it was so cute! – walk and snap pt 1
Line eleven: walk and snap pt 2 (oh I love this photo) – Saturday night comfies – Sacha & I wrote a contingency plan for when the boyf leaves – side one = drunken conversations with the boyf & side two is Cougartowns epic advice
Line twelve: Fairy lights in my apartment – my bedside table at current – sleepy shameless selfie waddddup


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