Weekly Love pt 12

I just finished a 13 and a half hour day. Work has been crazy busy with applications but today my work mate and I polished off a whole bunch working way past our normal finishing time to get it done. There is something like working hard that’s so fulfilling. Pushing yourself that extra mile whether it’s personal, work related or fitness goal orientated. There is something magical about getting shit done. This week I am thankful and appreciative of people who work hard.

Little things: cake Friday, kit kat chunky (my weakness); having a solid work team; positivity; hopping into bed after a long day; working really hard at the gym (proud of myself for going); clean hair; my boyfriend who is super cute and does lovely things for me; my flat mate for being a G.C and organising a new fridge; Roo who starts a conversation with ‘Hey hoe bag’; my old work mates who still find me funny; the amazing weather we’ve had lately!; my camera; my dad who is always there and tells me what I need to here while keeping it real; Drake 4eva; the mere thought of going to Italy someday;


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