Weekly Love # 13

y old work dad and brother

This week I have some massive love for myself. Break ups are never easy let me tell you! I think the main thing to remember is that in a couple of months time this will all be better, I’ll be happier and I’ll be myself again. Hey Anna, you’re pretty great and I love you.

Little things: my sweet pals for checking up on me i.e Coogs for being the best neighbour ever; Roo who I could skype with forever; my nice warm bed with lovely clean sheets; Marlboro reds; warm weather; long weekends!; knowing that I have some epic time to myself over the weekend (hell-o Bones, Dexter, Third Watch – I missed you); pay day; Red – Taylor Swift; Snow fairy body wash; getting mortal with my old work mates; heart patterned stockings;my papa for being way, way awesome; The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (this is the third time I’ve read it this year. I can’t find any other to compete!); sitting by the boat sheds; my quote wall for reminding me of well needed truth; my work mates for being really sweet; how busy it has been at work (best cure); gin and tonics


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