The Gingers Guide to Life pt. 12

1. Stop putting yourself second all the time! You are your number one fo’ ever.

2. Contingency plans are where it’s at. Having a plan b is always the way to go. Sometimes your plans change and you need something to fill the space of broken promises and dreams.

3. I remain convinced that sitcoms and a massive serving of any Chinese take away of your choice takes away any form of pain for a little while. Get into it. Community, How I met Your Mother, New Girl, Scrubs, etc. I promise you your troubles will be less shit if you have something to smile about.

4. Give yourself space from your life every so often. Turn off your phone, lap top and any other form of communication and go sit by a lake or the ocean for a bit. The ultimate form of relaxation. I just deactivated my facebook for a bit to get away from the world.

5. Remember, before you got in a relationship you had a life. If you’re letting that life you worked hard for (friends, family, work out plans, etc) slip through your fingers then you’re doing it wrong yo.

6. If you can give people shit you must be able to take it back. No one likes to walk on egg shells all the time.

7. Making plans to do things by yourself is one of the best things ever.

8. Make yourself a bad day kit (my new fave combo = snow fairy body wash from lush, Red – Taylor Swift and bed) because sometimes life deals you a shit hand and there is something really nice about coming home to nice things.

9. Don’t be a dick

10. Sometimes you have to force limitations on yourself to be a better person. After drinking pretty solidly lately I have decided to take a break off the turps. Look after yourself!

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