Weekly Love # 14

I deleted my Facebook on Tuesday. Well, deactivated it for a bit. I just got over it. It’s the ultimate procrastination tool and I really could not give two fucks about most things people post. I will probably reactivate it in a few months time but for now I have a bunch of things I want to do and an ex boyfriend to get over. It’s getting warmer here and on Tuesday evening it was a perfect ‘you can’t beat Wellington on a nice day’ kind of day. I went for a walk around the bays, put on some music then tidied up the apartment. I also sit at a computer for the majority of the day so when I leave work at the end of the day I want to see faces and scenery over pixels! There is nothing wrong with taking a step back from social media for a bit. Not gonna lie though, makes me feel well out of the loop but I’m hoping that it will get me into catching up with people face to face more often!

Little things: gorgeous warm days; the casualness of people getting high at the beach; long walks; Dr Dre; getting a good nights sleep; getting my braces fixed; patterned everything!; pork buns at the Sunday market; clean sheets; my dad who is constantly awesome; Coogs for eating my baking so I don’t get fat and is always there for me; Roo for being herself all the time and being good to be around; post gym sauna; people watching; being close to the water; having no television evenings; achy exercise body and big work outs;clean sheets (one of the great loves); quotes all over my walls (team positivity!); big chats with my boss in the morning; Drake; sweet friends; warming and easing balm on my sore muscles!; remembering what great mates I have & starting the Camelbak drink bottle trend in the office (seriously makes you drink so much water it’s awesome!)

Image via pinterest


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