Weekly Love pt 13

It’s been a bit of a tough week. Someone I cared for left the country, my Nana passed away the next day and I also got a UTI from hell. These are all horrible things to happen at once but I’m fine. This week I am so grateful for my family, having a job, and my apartment. These three things have been keeping me sane lately. I am so very lucky especially seeing all the devastation from Hurricane Sandy in New York. Reading about all the horrific things in New York right now really make me appreciate small things that we take for granted on a daily basis.

Little things; OBAMA GETTING RE-ELECTED (lets all breathe a collective sigh of RELIEF!), Taylor Swift – Red on repeat, good nights sleep, coffee and mini shopping trips with Pam, getting a good work out in, long train rides with my iPod, my hair dresser for reducing the cost of my hair and giving me a free treatment, pay day!, taking time to relax, writing solidly for the first time in forever, making plans for the new year, Coogs who is always awesome, Skyping with Piri who makes friendship so easy, Facebook break, glorious sunshine, cream cheese & salmon bagels!, long, hot baths, clean sheets & clean pajamas, and even though it is under sad circumstances seeing all my dads side of the family tomorrow


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