Weekly Love # 15


These past few weeks have been crazy. I had a whole load of crap go down at once and decided to take a step back from social media and focus on myself. Feels so good to finally have my Qi centered again. I’ve got a horrible Summer flu but hopefully this will be the only time it strikes! I have another six days of work then I’m off to my mums for Christmas. Nothing sounds more appealing right now that getting out of the city, having some sweet sunshine put some colour on my pasty pallour, reading, drinking ice cold ciders with my cats under my feet!

Things that I love (and have kept me sane): rereading Harry Potter for the first time in years; drunk dials that go like this “What are are you doing?” “Oh just throwing my clothes off the deck!”; wearing pretty dresses; long lunches; rejuvenating my ASOS wishlist; spending a good part of my evening at the gym with an epic play list; warm weather (finally!); long walks out to Haitaitai; long phone calls with one of my very best friends; using Harry Potter to code everything; loads of salad; taking my time to get ready in the morning; Custom Coffee house (my new fave place to go); washing the sunscreen off my skin after a long day; superb night sleep!; visiting my mum and the cats; epic amounts of peace of mind; day partying; having all the flat mates home & being grateful that they’re not NUTS!; Pinterest!; crawling into bed after a long day and forgetting about everything; my new hair (that will hopefully be less damaged soon!); making drunken plans for 2014; snow fairy by Lush; having 8 hours worth of alone time on the bus; making a Plan B for every situation; rationalising everything after having nearly a life time of being irrational; getting multiple compliments on a dress I never wear (but definitely should!); catching up with people after a long hiatus!; working on getting abs; endless enthusiasm & being able to turn all my bad situations around; long walks after work with one of my faves; Ed Sheeran (esp. ‘Give me love’); clean, deep conditioned hair; Dexter OH-MY-GOD GETTING SO GOOD!; my quote wall which keeps me in check; always having a story to tell; Taylor Swift – Red; massive chats with one of my girls about how you choose to live your LIFE!; Calvin Harris – 18 months; all the hilarious things that happen on my street including a man making pigeon noises as he walks along!; up all night; cozy stylish leopard print harem pants (best alternative to trackies) and Drake who is always on constant rotation.


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