5 things I want to achieve in 2013

Start saving for International travel  I have been dreaming about travelling for years and now is the perfect time to do it. I’m single, have no financial obligations and I’m young. My problem is I am notoriously shocking at handling my money. I spend far to much money on absolutely nothing! An old friend did a lot of travelling when he was young and at 24 had seen most of the world as well as travelling around America in a van by himself which is hella impressive!

Quit smoking once and for all – Do I even need to say why? I’ve been smoking since I was 18 and I need to stop once and for all!

Work on my fitness – Once upon a time I was a fat child and deeply unhappy. I’ve got myself down to a good weight (BMI is all good) but now I want to tone up some more and start running more. I’ve been pretty good with getting to the gym lately and want to keep it up and get some definition!

Complete the 50 book challenge – I’ve tried for the past few years but have been incredibly slack in doing so! I’ve been working on going to bed earlier lately since I always wake up so exhausted and reading is the ultimate pre bed activity.

Get off anti depressants – Last year I got a pretty good grasp on my depression but then each time I set a time to get off them I met a fella who I liked enough to put on the back burner. This year is my year.

All images from pinterest can’t remember sources


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