Weekly Love pt 15

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Happy New Year! I rang in the New year with my cousin, Sophie & a couple of her friends. Sophie & I partied until about 8am, got dressed up and went out for breakfast. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get some sleep later on in the day. I am very excited and determined to start making things happen. I’m over the trials and tribulations of 2012 (and boy were their many) and I’m excited to start a new year.

Little things: shortened weeks; my cousins; ‘I’m a yoghurt coloured raisin!’; seeing people run in the rain then flooring it; movie days with Sacha; skyping with Piri (always); argania oil; spontaneous drunken hat parties; having a tidy room; my bed after a very long ten days of drinking; Miranda Hart; cooking; taking a middle of the night break from drinking to get BK; the many drunken expeditions Sophie & I have gone on in the past month; ‘I’m on my way home. We are drinking that bottle of rum in the kitchen tonight’; lime body wash; nights in with a tub of ice cream; Miranda; Some girls; English humour; getting things done at work; weimaraners and skype dates with one of my bestest friends who lives on the other island.


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