Photo round up #10

he Telecom tree on Christmas day. Come midnight the lights were turned off which was a shame. I shared a couple of bottles of wine with my flat mate & his friend under here for a couple of hours.

On the 26th I caught the train out for one of my best friends birthday. It was so rad to go out to the farm and there were dogs everywhere.
New Years rolled around and I hung out with my third cousins (the one on the left has the same name & initials as me) then partied till 10am. The following 24 hours were not flash at all.
My dad & I went out to the Wairarapa for the annual air show there. We stayed out at my Aunties farm then went out Martinborough (where my dad grew up!)
Dad hadn’t explored Martinborough for a long time so we listened to old music and drove out to Lake Ferry. I love getting out of the city for a few days & this was perfect.
Selfies 4eva~
My very best (and oldest!) friend moved back from Australia last weekend and we made a fort (last time we made a New York loft) and it was a disaster. We don’t need pegs for our laundry at my apartment so it was an epic fail. We watched Dead Silence (terrifying fyi), ate chips and dip and M&Ms then talked about our amazing childhood shenanigans for hours.
This was Oriental Bay today. You really can’t beat Wellington on a good day. Since I am inside all day I made an effort to spend a majority of it outside. Look at it!
There is a sweet fish & chip caravan by the beach. Sacha and I went there for dinner and had some pretty dope chips. It’s super popular and hella tasty!
Sacha & I kicked it at the beach till 7pm. I love day light savings! God this is a flattering angle.


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