Weekly Love # 16

The past week we had a psychodrama conference at work. Different kinds of therapy fascinate me because after going through depression myself I always find it interesting to see how people tackle anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc. There is always a huge amount of strength that comes with healing yourself as well as a huge amount of courage. Mental illness is so often swept under the rug and it was amazing to see a bunch of people tackle their problems and learn more about something that has helped them so much. Sometimes you have to pull out every fiber of your being to get there but to experience the highs you quite often have to experience the lows.

The good stuff: beautiful, warm sunny days; Step Brothers; Saturday Night Live skits; rereading Harry Potter; decent nights sleep; afternoons at the beach; ambitions; finally getting to wear all my pretty dresses; red lip stick all the time; smoothies with Pam; 1am drunk I love you texts; getting things done at work & leaving my inbox with no unanswered emails; going on & planning Summer adventures; warm evenings; raucousness in the neighbourhood; updating this bad boy again; realising that you really don’t need what you think you need; getting to spend time with my bestest friend; casually seeing Jermaine Clement at the beach; fish and chips; spending as much time outside as possible!; taking my camera everywhere again; ‘Arrow to success!’; getting an epic nights sleep; suprising myself and getting up at 5:30 to go the gym!; and spending a wicked awesome weekend with my very best friend who kills me all the time.


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