Weekly Love # 17


Today at work I was asking everyone at work what they were grateful for. I have been hard out procrastinating updating this. I’ve been going through this lame lull and I don’t want to do anything then sometimes I get scared about writing and then sometimes I have a day where I stare at a computer all day and all I want to do is read.

The number one thing I am well and truly excited about is my BFF of forever is moving into the city on Saturday and I am so excited to have her a ten minute walk away. She is the one friend in my life despite all of our highs and lows who has remained constant. We were hanging out the other day and we both couldn’t imagine how our lives would be without each other. Home girl helped me through the roughest period of my life and has been apart of the greatest. I’m looking forward to marathoning through t.v shows, drinking wine on your deck and having another decade of shenanigans  Lesbehonest….YOU COMPLETE ME <3.

Forever grateful for: Listening to Drake after a long day; looking into dying my hair plaitnum blonde (!!!!!) for Winter and being a legit Snow Leopard; knowing when a life lull comes around and digging through it; meeting up with old buddies; tidy room tidy life; that feeling of walking through the door after a long ass day; leaving work on time; my sweet cousin who helps a brutha out; sweet lax times with my lap top, music and no distractions!; roti chanai; getting a good fringe trim; my dad who always lets me crash at his when I need a break; ‘You never see it coming you just get to see it go’; water; snow leopards; doing my nails & the fact that tomorrow is glorious, glorious Friday!


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