Weekly Love # 18


Sometimes I get into a real rut. I blow things out of proportion & I get in a stupid head space. Sometimes there is a good reason to get into it & sometimes you need that terrifying  wake up call. Sunday night was that for me. I wont delve into the details but sometimes you legit need to take a step back and realise what the eff is happening in your life & make some solid changes.

ALSO: Happy birthday to my oldest bestest friend. Your texts, support & love over the years mean a tonne and I am forever grateful for having you in my life <3.

Le petit – coming home and chilling after a long weekend; Harry Potter; catching up on my favourite blogs; finally getting some rain; being able to wear my pretty coat from last Winter; looking forward to a really cosy Winter after an insane Summer; spending time alone in my bedroom which is nearly perfect; pink which is slowly becoming a favourite colour; chicken; hanging out with my BFF and never ever getting bored of her or our favourite things; freshly washed hair; randomly making friends in bars then spending St Patricks day with them; thinking about pies & tomato soup over Winter; Gala Darling’s RSL work; the gorgeous feeling of the weekend coming; getting into bed after a long cold day; texts from my BFF who still suprises me with her hilariousness after 10+ years of friendship i.e ‘You know what is more fun than this job? Rubbing my face with cacti’ & ‘This will cheer you up…this foreign guy with bad English just came in and gave me a piece of paper and he was like “read it” so I did and it said “Please call or text me after work. I really like you! Thank you” Umm….I don’t even know him….hahahaha what the hell is going on with this job?!’; walking past a bar and hearing a few lines of Ed Sheeran; McDonalds sundaes; decorating a birthday card & forgetting how much I miss spending hours drawing random shit; the beautiful feeling when 5:30pm rolls around; eating at work & not having to pay!; the glorious feeling of having a shower and washing the day off; browsing Pinterest when I start viewing day to day tasks with disinterest; catch ups with Pam!; &  seeing people singing along to their car radio


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