Weekly Love pt 19

The weekend that just passed was the first weekend in a while that I haven’t gone out and partied. Which is something that I usually do a lot. Taking time to recharge your batteries! There is something completely blissful about recharging your batteries. I feel calm and way happier!

As I mentioned in my last weekly love post I haven’t been feeling myself. It’s pretty awful but you must always stay positive during these times and kick a whole lot of ass. Things always get better and most of the time it’s just a phase. Look after yourself! Someone I once cared for told me ‘Always look after one because no one else will’ So true once you leave home!

Also loving: My new sequin asos dress & rebuilding my ASOS wishlist to stock up on the things I need!; giving my room a good ol tidy; catching up with my family who are eternally rad no matter how distant they are; hitting the gym again!; Les Mills Body Pump (it is my JAM!); six days without a cigarette; nice long breaks; having a tidy apartment; productive days at the office; my funny coworkers, listening to Taylor Swift (esp. during a good run); not giving so much of a fuck about the things that don’t even matter anymore #mindfulthinking; being a little more responsible with my money; Moore Wilson’s; Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close; comfy patterned pants with a plain t-shirt; dreaming of Rarotonga & L.A; Michelle’s motivational words & habits!; and my best friend texting me out of the blue saying ‘If I had to choose between a million dollars and being your friend I would turn that shit away’ aww ❤

Image via pinterest


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