Weekly Love # 19


I’ve had a pretty crazy week! I caught up with these two trouble makers after coming back from my dads and my weeks been busy. I feel like I’m just comprehending what happened this week. I’ve sat in bed all day catching up on t.v shows from the past week! Now I’m taking a break, getting over the previous weeks sinus infection, listening to John Mayer & devouring a block of Whittakers chocolate. This is definitely the weekend for R&R!

Little things: devouring blocks of Whittakers chocolate; having a clean room; Suits & Community!; sharing jugs with mates; drinking heaps of green tea & water!; how beautiful the ocean looks when the sun goes down; getting a good nights sleep; the transition into Winter (I’ve missed the crisp morning weather!); my best friend who always reads me well; The Help; drawing cartoons of peoples funny situations; lasagne!; The Body Shops glittery plum moisteriser! dreaming of getting back to the gym; bacon and eggs for breakfast; making a super yum chicken and chickpea curry (still needs a bit of tweaking!) clean sheets & John Mayer – Battle Studies.


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