Weekly Love # 21


I’ve been completely slack with my updates. In my defense I have been killing it at work and the gym but I would like to write more but end up crawling into bed and dying. My efforts have been a mix of eating healthy, hearty work outs and most of all some insane support from Pam & Michelle. I feel a lot better physically and mentally. My weekends are mainly based around working out instead of going out and getting drunk which I miss but now that the evenings are getting colder and the seasonal change is upon us it makes it not so bad (getting white girl drunk with my BFF next weekend holla!). I’m down a kilo and a half (I’ve gained ten kilos in under a year…yikes!) so here’s to the next 8.5kg!

Little things: post work out stretch, sauna and shower; my fitness pal (total life saver!); Les Mills Body Pump; reading in bed; ‘Farmer chic’; emails from friends to make the day brighter; amazing nights sleep; planning my ‘relaunch’ party; Taylor Swift (p much all I play these days and I’m not even embarrassed about it); listening to music before work; first cup of coffee in the morning; my best friend who appreciates me taking jokes too far; finally painting my toe nails; planning an epic Winter; lazy Sundays on the couch; Glee; Veronica Mars; Pinterest; Iggy Azalea (o m g); and finally settling on a color for my bookshelf (The Princess Cave will officially be finished this year I swear)

This week I am going to kill:
– kill pump class thrice
– eat clean as possible
– read two books
– party like it’s 1999
– plan a trip up North
– plan my birthday


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