Weekly Love # 22


I’m not really sure if there is a feature to love the most right now but I am enjoying the work-life balance and making  the time to work out and put my all into it! It’s a really rad to see your goals taking shape and  to have the support of your friends who are doing the same thing as you. I am super greatful that my life is pretty sweet. I must say though I’m STOKED coz Taylor Swift is coming in November. If I get tickets I will be so, so happy!

Little things: rereading ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ by John Green; early nights; my electric blanket; cake Fridays; buying new stuff on ASOS; pay day; achey exercise body; buying new body products; slipping into bed after a long day and feeling like I ticked off a whole lot on my to do list; berry banana smoothies; red lipstick; my flat mates scarily similar attitude to Nick from New Girl; inspiring others to do the same as what I’m doing; day dreaming; Allie from Hyperbole & a half posting again!!; my parents and planning sweet hangs over the weekend!


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