Weekly Love # 23 THE BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!!!!

Today is my birthday! 22 was such an educational year for me and even though a whole lotta shit went down a whole lot of really, really amazing stuff happened too! I feel like I learnt so much about myself and I could really go on for days about how rad, sad, amazing, year my 22nd year was. I’ve started writing a post (sneakily at work since my lap top is buggered) about all the lessons I learnt. So, thank you 22! May 23 be as good a year as you! Also – weekly love 23 on the day I turn 23!

Little things: Super lustrous fuschia fusion lipstick by Revlon (so in love); finally being excited about a birthday; Veronica Mars marathons on Saturday; getting hilarious texts from my bestie; finally eating breakfast solidlly; getting kudos from my PT friend for eating right; the crisp cold air Wellington currently has; weight circuits with Pam; buying pretty things on ASOS; new gym shorts; bro outs with my Dad; finally getting some muscle definition after losing it all; frozen berries in porridge = perf breakfast; Sunny crisp days; baking cakes for my work mates on Fridays; accidentally dressing like a spy!; chocolate cake; bro outs with my bestie and dad; having Happy Birthday sung to me like four timez!; GETTING A TIARA (legit made my day); karma; reading back on old posts; the sweet goodie basket my work mates got me & my electric blanket coz daaaaamn these nights are cold.

“Actually, I rather like birthdays. It is a good reason to talk to yourself, to ask yourself what you have been doing, what you are doing and what you will do. Girls who can’t go off and talk to themselves stay girls and never become women. Women who can’t take stock turn to drink, take pills or worse, but I can take stock. I can send for the bill of life and add it up too. If I ever feel depressed I consider what I have done and what I have accomplished — starting from nothing and arriving now with so much happiness.” – Sophia Loren

image via pinterest


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