Weekly love # 24

I am currently super proud of myself for going to the gym and so stoked that I am starting to get muscle definition again. I am super close to getting down to a healthy weight with some sweet toning last July/August but started dating, drinking more and eating far too much. I used to be a real fatty so keeping weight off is crucial to my sanity and self esteem. This is the awful time of the year where everything is a million times harder to do coz it’s just so cold! I look forward to sharing my progress again at the beginning of July (trying not to weigh and measure myself too often) I am loving the gym and my gym support buddies. So lucky to have a good bunch behind me!

Little things: getting my friends who I don’t see often around the dinner table; public holidays; KFC + comedy show bro outs with my flat mate; butterscotch sauce; my bffz sense of humour all the time; Veronica Mars marathons; cake baking with Pam; public holiday sleep ins + short weeks; visiting old favourite spots; hauling ass to the gym in the rain and working really, really hard; getting into bed and falling straight asleep; What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (JEAH!); How I Met Your Mother + Curb Your Enthusiasm reruns; looking forward to cozy weekends!; flat mate banter; Granny Smith apples; Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks (nice creamy moisterising non smudging); taking more photos!; series link; Kendrick Lamar on lethargic afternoons; salmon and avocado sushi; and having a sunny day today!


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