Weekly Love pt 24

Here is an old hody photo for your amusement at a mutual friends 21st enjoying the photo booth

My big sister and I rarely (maybe three times a year) get along really well which is awesome. We used to live together and it got really shit towards the end coz we’re really different. After brawling over Christmas I decided to mend ze bridges and invited her out for a drink. Three bottles of wine and a quick hang with Dad and his new lady equalled some very hilarious times. Quotable quotes of the evening: ‘He’s cute! You should hook up with him!’, ‘You’re a really good taxi driver!’, ‘Lets drink gin. No beer! No gin! No beer!’ and ‘Wtf how much did we drink last night’ Love you Lolren. Even if you do drive me up.the.wall sometimes xoxo.

Little things: Veronica Mars marathons (making Saturday extra spesh); vanilla protein powder + almond milk + frozen raspberries = best shake ever!; chili lime seasoning; early morning gym sessions powered by pre work out; crime tv shows; good nights sleep; cheap shopping out in the Hutt; Kopiko Bay pinot noir; Mother Earth deluxe cranberry mix; rum + coke + lime; results; spring cleaning the apartment; productivity; t-shirt dresses; Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in ‘Sweetheart Valentine’; getting amazing results in our staff survey holla!; roasted almonds & almond milk; & epic sleeps.


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