Winter Bucket List


It is nearly the season where it would be grand to be a bear. Winter is my favourite season because really exciting things happen to me and I love being a hermit. I tried googling ideas for a ‘Winter Bucket List’ when I got stuck but they were mostly Christmas orientated so not completely relevant being in the Southern Hemisphere and all. Voila!

1. Perfect my lasagna & crumble recipes
2. Visit somewhere warmer
3. Keep up my gym routine even on the coldest of days!
4. Bake bread and make soup
5. Start watching Game of Thrones
6. Watch the LOTR trilogy in one day
7. Build forts with my bestie
8. Go out to the pub for a cheap roast
9. Buy new bedding (pajamas, pillows, onesie, duvet – the lot!)
10. Make a real dent in the ol reading list (I realise this isn’t really tangible but watevs~)

Image by Berin Hasi


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