Weekly Love pt. 25

While I enjoyed having a super long, warm Summer I am stoked that Winter has finally arrived. I’ve been taping crime shows on My Sky for my post gym chill outs and thinking up some healthy alternatives to my favourite comfort foods so last Winter doesn’t repeat itself. I love love love being inside on shitty days watching t.v. Being all warm and cozy makes me all happy inside. Also, everything in my life has gone back to as normal as it gets and damn it feels GOOD.

Little things: lipstick e’ryday; vanilla protein smoothies; thinking about stopping but working harder (proud coz I usually stop!); motivational emails; pay day; hilarious residents making my job fun; kicking it old school with my BFF; Piri’s return!!!; going hunnids on the cross trainer and sweating like a maniac; getting nostalgic to Tegan and Sara; Deja Entendu’s 10th anniversary (5th,6th & 7th form in an album) followed by other highschool faves; fresh fruit over chips (whats the world coming to?!); Taylor Swift – Red; Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Sweetheart Valentine & Revlon super lustrous lipstick in ‘Fire and Ice’; buying clothes in colours that aren’t black (hallelujah!); Michelle’s hilarious emails; realising my crush is Logan Echolls like; attempting to brighten up work days with dance music; t-shirt dresses & playing ‘If our cats were musically inclined what band would they be in/who would they be like’ with my bff.


p.s Best break up songs


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