Weekly Love # 25


I virtually never make plans anymore. The only things that I keep scheduled in indefinitely are work and the gym. I found that when I made plans with people who said ‘Maybe’ or didn’t give me a time (tip from an ex was to always get a time so you at least know if they’re down) Living spontaneously opens me up to so much more adventure! Saying yes and having an open mind makes things so much fun. I may not be able to handle all nighters like I used to but damn. Sometimes you have to stray from the ordinary and go have some fun!

Little things: Saturday afternoons post gym in front of the telly (favourite time of my week); taking photos with Michelle when she comes out with ‘Hold up! You look like Strawberry Shortcake!’ hahaha; snap chat; Just Bitten ‘Sweetheart Valentine’; crawling into bed after a long day; having music to listen to again (makes everything that much more fun!); how my boss bops in her chair when I put a good R&B song; looking through my instagram photos and looking back to who I was a year ago and realising how much happier and better my life has become (and randomly missing people from that era…wut y?); chats with mates from the highschool era like nothing has changed!; cat eye glasses; losing 3% body fat last month; listening to heaps of N.E.R.D, Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell; having impromptu; watching the gorillas at the gym; sleepovers with one of my best friends!


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