Weekly Love pt. 28

Tuatara Hefe + Titannia cigarillos = winning combo

I’ve had a few days of backwards thinking. You know how you develop and become more mature and stop giving so many fucks? I was reflecting back to last year and how dem feels were. I felt bad for being irrational and for having too many feelings. I’d worked past my crazy then boom it was there waving its crazy arms all about like ‘HEY! HEY! LOOK >>>>BEING IRRATIONAL!!!<<<<  HURT FEELINGS!!!! AHHHH!!!! I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT EXPRESSING THESE HURT FEELINGS TO PEOPLE WHO DON’T CARE ANYMORE~*~*~* AAHHHHHHH’ Yeah. It happens and it’s shame but we’re human. Life happens and shit happens but damn shawty be kind to yourself! Stop regretting the things you can’t change etc. Shit will drive you up.the.wall.

Little things: HUSKY WOLF HYBRIDS!, scoping out what burgers I’m going to devour for Wellington on a plate, my frenz for constantly being hilarious, getting creative in the kitchen again, Modern Family, every meal I’ve eaten this week, Veronica Mars marathons (4eva & eva), waking up in time to have breakfast and coffee, playing ‘guess the animal’ on snap chat, half days in Friday!, one more week and I will be up in the Bay with my mum and my cats!!!, reminiscing, sleeping like baby, the first joyous cup of coffee in the morning, leggings + baggy tshirt, mini road trips with my bestie back home, electric blankets, Beyonce singing ‘Irreplaceable’ in Spanish, having the residents back & having them tell me that I remind them of Lucy Wilde off Despicable Me 2 with the reason ‘Because you’re fun’ YES!

Drakes part does all kinds of things to me. I love Drake.

If you’re ever doing cardio and feel like you can’t go any further this song is sure to boost you past the 10k mark like those cool booster things in Crash Bandicoot or Mario Cart racing.

And it would be wrong to not post new Atmosphere


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