The Gingers Guide to Life pt the ‘I haven’t done this in forever edition’

work hard and be kind.

1. Please, please, please wipe down the cardio equipment at the gym once you’re done. It takes thirty seconds if that.

2. Things you can say during a break up: I’m sorry that sucks, it will take time but you will heal, let’s get drunk, lets hang out lots, I’m here for you boo.

3. Things you can’t say during a break up: He/she is a right shit!, you can do better (what if they can’t?!), rebouuuuuuuund!, there’s plenty more fish in the sea! Gross. All the worst. Having the ‘it takes time’ thing is the w o r s t when it happens coz you’re all ‘Ugh I KNOW OKAY?!’ but the more you hear it the better you feel.

4. Even if you hate your job you should at least work at it while you find a new one.

5. Challenge yourself regularly. My buddy Michelle had cold showers all through June and if you live in New Zealand you will know we have had some super cold weather lately. I can’t remember the reasoning behind it but she said it was a good to set a challenge then last month she ditched social media! So proud of her. It’s good to push your boundaries and see what you can go without! I’m still working on waking up for them 5:30am cardio sessions….

6. If you need a laugh then go to Tyler, the creator’s instagram (username=feliciathegoat) The best.

7. Yo what are you doing ignoring your mates? I know you love your boo but you’ve got to make time for the buds who are around when he’s not. Fair weather friends are a mighty pain in the ass.

8. It’s all good and well to judge other people’s lives but how do you feel when someone judges your life? It goes both ways breh and people will get sick of you winging then you getting upset when it comes back and bites you on the ass. Be so occupied and in love with your life that you don’t give two shits about any one else. I know that saying that is contradicting but I just hate being told what to do and when people don’t know you etc. Gawd daym.

9. Waterproof mascara for all ma girls out there on their fidniz grind. If you wear heavy foundation then off with it! It will prevent that melt-y face and stop you from breaking out.

10. Don’t be intimidated to use the mixed gym. 9/10 times dudes are so into themselves that they don’t give two shits. You can do this! I dunno about you but it feels waaaay less competitive than women only parts of the gym.

11. Books, magazines, phones and tablets at the gym are salty as fuq. Disconnect from the world for an hour or two. Facebook will still be there in an hour. As will that text.

12. Don’t beat yourself up over what past you did. Shit happens. Move on. The most important thing to remember is that you’ve learnt from your mistakes. Being kind to yourself is one of the most important things ever.

13. Do you know what’s fun? Seeing what people look at the most on your page. Yo, I know you may think it’s weird that I still have photos and my former luvz but it’s even weirder that they’re revisited. This is my life archive yo.


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