Weekly Love # 26


Oh, whatsup? I’m real bad at blogging. Anyway, last week I went on holiday and it was so freaking awesome. I caught the bus up to my mums on the Friday after having a ridiculous bender with my flat mate. I miss hanging out with my ma and the cats! It was sunny the whole time I was away. Since Wellington had a pretty epic shake my dad insisted that I stayed at his for a couple of nights which was awesome coz he spoils me rotten. The past couple of weeks have been great coz I’ve had time to catch up with friends for schenanigans and long nights out. While this has done terrible things for my healthy lifestyle it was nice to have a break out of the usual!

Little things: the strong bond I’ve got with the residents at work (I don’t want them to go in November!); Tyler, the creator – Wolf has been on repeat holyyyy the more I hear it the better it sounds; afternoon naps; electric blankets; making plans!; working on my goals; feijoa green tea; learning my worth; not putting up with bullshit; my flat mates stories; toasted sesame seeds on everything; reading before bed; healing belle on Instagram; taking far too many photos of my cats; my iPhone; eating; Michelle’s ongoing support in my health and fitness journey!; Mother Earth cranberry deluxe mix; Thursday pay day!; planning nights out with my bestie (always the best!); Tuatara hefe; making amends and not being an asshole and the supermarket when it’s not busy, ha!


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