The Gingers Guide to Life


1. Girls love Beyonce. And abs. And cats.

2. White pants do no one justice. No one.

3. If you’re feel demotivated to work out then go for a walk first and ease into it. There is nothing worse than launching into a big work out when you really can’t be fucked.

4. Before you go drinking blend some berries, banana, and almond milk and freeze it. When you’re hung over it will be the best thing you have ever tasted. If you’re into protein shakes n stuffz chuck some of that in too. Bonus nutrients!

5. Listening to Taylor Swift on a bad day is like getting a massive hug from your mum. 

6. Positive affirmations are super underrated for anxiety. Sometimes just reading that things are going to be okay make all the difference.

7. QOTD: ‘Why get thinner when you can get more dinner’

8. Next time you find a dope pair of shoes look for them on the store website before you buy them. Saves the hassle of waiting f o r e v e r to get your size in and they can often be cheaper (!!) but just please dear god make sure your feet fit into them.

9. Before you dip dye your hair please be aware of the epic amount of deep conditioner and hair oil needed to keep it maintained. 

Image via pinterest



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