Weekly Love # 27


My best friend and I thought that living in the same city and all that we would basically living in each others pockets. How wrong were we?! I see her once in a blue moon so when the last weekend of our favourite haunt when we were younger was shutting its doors we knew we had to grace it with out presence for one last time. Having average pre drinks, taking far too many selfies the spending the night sitting outside sandwiches chain smoking and having some w e i r d conversations with a variety of people and creating dance moves were our jam. We will miss you, Sandwiches. Thanks for all the awesome memories!

Little things: when my flat mate brings me home my favourite hangover food, going up weights, productive days at the office, getting a good night sleep, how fast this week has gone!, seeing muscle definition in my legs for the first time ever!, drinking with a new group, leaving Sandwiches at 9am like the old days, Buzzfeed, Candy Crush (uh oh) and playing Jewel Thief when I fail, office lols, relistening to Red, epic work outs, and looking forward to the Great Gatsby themed ball at work on Saturday!


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