Weekly Love pt. 31


This week I’m learning more about balance. I realised the other day that I finally (after starting like 6 or so blogs over the past decade including a very dense livejournal) know what I want to post about and that I had missed my deadlines. It makes it harder that my laptop is dead but I am rarely home to sit on it and mess around which makes having an iPhone so much better except when it comes to publishing something. Oh man. But anyway, here is to balance and learning how to use it. 

Little things: breakfast!, gym crushes, planning quiet weekends in, productivity, heart shaped post it notes, snap chat conversations, Max Wanger photography (swooooon), Candy Crush, wearing bright colours + prints, not being scared to make decisions (i.e getting my braces off fuhreel on the 4th Sept.), having the apartment to myself to cook in, my sweet residents, taking a step back and looking at what I have achieved (anxiety, muscle gain, work), black leggings with everything, streaming ‘Oldie’ by Odd Future during the hard part of my cardio, seeing people my age starting up their own businesses!, Friday after work drinks and popping into bed after a long day.


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